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MINMET - et enormt kurspotensiale!
30.05.2006 13:17

29/05-2006 16:55:58: MINT– Minmet plc. er registrert på OTC - listen

Det er med virkning fra 30. mai 2006 lagt inn et nytt selskap på OTC - listen – Minmet plc. Ticker: MINT. ISIN: IE0005956697. Antall aksjer utstedt av selskapet er 1.389.157.308. Emisjonsverdien er satt til NOK 152.807.303 basert på siste emisjonskurs 26. januar 2006 på NOK 0,11 (EURO 0,0145). Selskapet har inngått avtale om bruk av meldingssystemet og vil kunne benytte dette fra og med 30. mai 2006.

Minmet plc is an Irish registered company, based in Dublin, whose shares are listed on the IEX Market of the Irish Stock Exchange and on the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) of the London Stock Exchange.

Minmet gained admission to AIM in December 2005 and emphasised at that time that it was working on developing projects in both the oil and gas and minerals sectors. These developments have continued into 2006. Minmet’s strategy is directed at being an integrated mining, investment, and development company exploiting opportunities throughout the natural resource sector.

Minmet operates a dual strategy of project development (“Operations”) and secondly building an Investment Portfolio (“Investments”) consisting of holdings in publicly quoted natural resource companies.

In exercising the project development strategy Minmet commits operational resources to add value to projects both within the existing portfolio and also to new opportunities identified by Minmet’s management, that have the capacity to become flagship projects for the Company. As a further implementation of this strategy Minmet’s is prepared to invest in joint ventures or IPO’s where Minmet secures significant equity participation in exchange for identification, early funding and management of these projects. Minmet normally takes a leading role in the negotiation, funding and managing these opportunities.

Current projects include the Bjorkdal gold mine in Northern Sweden, (currently under option to Gold-Ore Resources Ltd (“Gold-Ore”)); the Sungem zinc project and the Coromandel diamond project both in Brazil; the EMML bio-leaching technology and a number of new projects including oil and gas interests in the US and the possible acquisition of a diamond project, both of which are being investigated currently with the ambition to bring them forward for development.

Minmet’s investment activities was started by the Company in late 2003 with the sale of some Swedish licences to Ovoca Resources plc (“Ovoca”) for new shares in Ovoca followed by the spun-off of some Platinum and Nickel projects in Scandinavia into a new entity Lapp Plats plc (“Lapp Plats”). This portfolio was augmented in July 2004 by the listing of GoldQuest Mining Corp (“GoldQuest”) on the TSX Venture Exchange and in December 2004 an exploration property in Northern Spain was exchanged for shares in Ormonde Mining plc (“Ormonde”). All these original investment, with the exception of GoldQuest, have been sold.

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mvh Tåka
30.05.2006 13:21


Minmet Nyhet side

mvh Tåka
ei saa peittaa
30.05.2006 13:33

noen som egentlig vet noe spennende om minmet, eller har alle bare plukket den opp fra IGE uten å tenke mer over potensialet? jeg har ikke peiling....
31.05.2006 12:19



TORONTO, ON, May 30th 2006 – GoldQuest Mining Corp. (“GoldQuest” or the “Company”) is delighted to announce results of additional diamond drill holes from its Tres Palmas project in the Dominican Republic.

The company has just finished a 1,820 meter drill program comprising of 17 holes testing five mineralized zones over three kilometres. Further results have been received for drill holes LTP-03, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 and 10.

31.05.2006 12:23

ei saa peittaa [112]
Mye spennende i portjeføljen til minmet, er åpnet for handel no, men der er hverken kjøper eller selger, kursen burde åpne rundt 10-12 øre, lurer på og legge en langsiktig plukke post på 4-5, sånn bare i tilfelle.

Kursmål : vet ikke - men en krone hadde vært hyggeligt ;)

mvh Tåka
31.05.2006 12:34

2005 results below, progress at least and in profit in H2 2005, $5.1M cash and a new prospect in place for oil and gas in New Mexico. Much more needs to be done but at least in the right direction.

Minmet Final Results
Minmet plc

Minmet plc ("Minmet", or the "Company" or the "Group"), the diversified
international natural resource business, announces its results for the 12 months
ended 31 December 2005.



-- Execution of operational and investment strategies producing strong
improvement in financial performance from mid 2005

-- Significant trading improvement in the second half of 2005

-- Post tax loss for full year US$2.1 million (2004: US$11.3 million), H2 -
2005 profit after tax US$0.94 million

-- Management considering share consolidation to improve marketability of
shares at suitable time

-- AIM Admission secured in December 2005, IEX Admission in April 2005 and OTC
listing on Norwegian Stock Exchange scheduled to become effective by end of
May 2006

-- Using its platform of operating activities, cash resources and it's
portfolio of publicly traded resource stocks the Company is considering
further opportunities in both the resource and other sectors.


-- Option on Björkdal gold mine signed with Canadian listed Gold-Ore Resources
Ltd with an extensive exploration programme underway to define new reserves

-- The Bjorkdal gold mine has delivered a much improved financial performance
supported by a higher gold price and the cost rationalisation measures
introduced in March 2005

-- Earn-in agreed with Australian listed Ashburton Minerals Ltd on the Cuiabá
gold project in Brazil

-- Development continues on the Coromandel Sungem lead / zinc and diamond

-- Minmet, as a 25% consortium member, is negotiating the purchase of a new gas
production and exploration project in New Mexico.

Investment Portfolio

-- Significant shareholdings in Northlands Resources Inc acquired through sale
of Minmet's Barsele interest and in Gold-Ore Resources Ltd acquired through
the execution of the option agreement over Bjorkdal

-- The Goias and Mara Rosa projects in Brazil and the El Aguila project in Peru
were exchanged for a 16.9% shareholding in newly AIM listed Horizonte
Minerals plc

-- GoldQuest Mining Corp shareholding reduced to under 20% - company continues
to make solid progress

-- Unencumbered investment portfolio in quoted resource stocks valued today at
US$13.08 million.

Mike Neville, Chairman said: "We have achieved a significant turnaround at
Minmet since June 2005 and the Company is well positioned to take advantage of a
number of very exciting opportunities, both inside and outside the natural
resource sector. Management's main focus is to convert the improved financial
position into real and sustainable value for shareholders."


I am pleased to report on a period of good progress at Minmet and to update
shareholders on the operational and investment activities of the Company
particularly since our admission to AIM in December 2005.

In the AIM Admission Document we emphasised that we were working on projects in
both the oil and gas and minerals sectors and this has continued apace in the
first 5 months of 2006.

To develop these opportunities we have adopted a two pronged strategy.

Firstly, Minmet will commit operational resources to add value to projects
within the existing portfolio and also to new opportunities, which may
potentially be outside the natural resource sector, identified by management,
that have the capacity to become flagship projects for the Company.

In addition Minmet is prepared to invest in joint ventures or IPO's where Minmet
secures significant equity participation in exchange for identification, early
funding and management of these projects. Minmet normally takes a leading role
in the negotiation, funding and managing of these opportunities.


We are currently working on three of such opportunities:

1) A gas exploration and production opportunity in New Mexico;

2) Developing the Coromandel diamond concession and the adjacent Sungem zinc
opportunity; and

3) The Björkdal gold mine which is currently under option to Gold-Ore Resources
Ltd ("Gold-Ore"), a Vancouver based TSX listed company, where we are involved in
the day to day operations through a Management Committee established under the
option agreement.

Investment Portfolio
Fortsetter under

[Endret 31.05.06 12:43 av tåka]
31.05.2006 12:36

Investment Portfolio

We have built our Investment Portfolio through vending assets in exchange for
minority interests in quoted companies. The strategy was first adopted by the
Company in late 2003 with the sale of certain Swedish exploration licences to
Ovoca Resources plc ("Ovoca") for new shares in Ovoca. This continued when we
spun-off exclusive rights of access to platinum and nickel data contained in our
geochemical database of some 140,000 targets covering Sweden, Finland and
Ireland to a new entity Lapp Plats plc ("Lapp Plats") which we launched on OFEX.
The Investment Portfolio was augmented in July 2004 by the listing of GoldQuest
Mining Corp ("GoldQuest") on the TSX Venture Exchange and in December 2004 an
exploration property in Northern Spain was exchanged for shares in Ormonde
Mining plc ("Ormonde").

The investment portfolio has been added to in a significant way during the first
half of 2006 with new investments in Gold-Ore; Northland Resources Ltd
("Northland"), another Vancouver based TSX listed company; a shareholding in
Horizonte Minerals plc which is an AIM listed company; and in an Australian
quoted company Ashburton Minerals Ltd ("Ashburton").

As a result of these activities, which have also seen the sale of part or all of
the earlier investments, Minmet has now assembled an Investment Portfolio with a
current valuation of US$13.08 million. The Investment Portfolio is financially


During 2005 we raised a net total of US$5.35 million which has enabled the
company to achieve its listing on AIM and also to participate in securing and
developing a number of new operational projects.

Results for Year

As a result of the difficulties we experienced at the Björkdal mine in the first
half of 2005, and which have already been reported, our net loss for the year
amounted to US$2.1 million (2004: US$11.3 million). The result for the for the
second six months showed a dramatic improvement in performance, due to our
success in achieving a major turnaround in the Björkdal operation. We reported a
loss of US$ 3.1 million for the 6 months ended 30 June 2005.


In order to improve the liquidity of the shares in Minmet and to improve overall
marketability we plan later this year to consider a share consolidation. The
proposal is to achieve a consolidation that will enhance the attractiveness of
Minmet's shares and to make arrangements that will allow shareholders with
uneconomic holdings to sell their share through a low-cost share dealing

In addition to our AIM Admission in December 2005 and IEX admission in April
2005 we are finalising a listing on the OTC market of the Norwegian Stock
Exchange, a move that will give a trading platform in our shares to a
significant shareholder base in Scandinavia. This is scheduled to be active by
the end of May 2006.


Despite a difficult start to 2005 we have achieved a significant improvement in
the fortunes of the Group. Through our industry knowledge and experience we are
developing a number of new projects which are in areas that have exciting growth
potential and where we hope to participate.

We have clearly shown an ability to crystallise value through the sale and
listing of various project assets into a number of publicly traded entities.
This expertise has enabled Minmet to build up an attractive and valuable
investment portfolio.

Going forward we are dedicated to repeating this model with a relatively
significant pipeline of new projects, mindful that one of these projects may
possess the scale and size to become the flagship project of the Company. In
this event the Board will consider whether the Investment Portfolio we have
created is best distributed to shareholders or used to finance the working
capital requirements of the flagship project or whether both strategies are
capable of being executed.

In addition I believe that management's main task is to use the assets, projects
and financial resources under our control to deliver value to our shareholders.
In order to achieve this goal we will consider those transactions that have the
potential to achieve this objective. Included among the considerable amount of
transactional work in progress within the Company at present is one very
significant and potentially highly value accreting project outside the natural
resource sector, which we will rigorously analyse with the same level of due
diligence and focus that we adopt with all projects. If there are any major
developments with this, or other projects within our pipeline, we will report
these promptly to shareholders

In summary I believe that Minmet is now on a sound footing and we are determined
to work diligently to translate the operational and investment progress that we
have made over the last 12 months into real shareholder value. I am confident
looking into the remainder of 2006 and beyond.

Michael P Neville

23 May 2006


Fortsetter under

[Endret 31.05.06 12:42 av tåka]
31.05.2006 12:37


Over the past nine months we have developed a strategy of being pro active in
developing new opportunities that have come to the attention of the management
team. whilst at the same time working with our existing portfolio of assets and
projects to maximise their value through joint venture, sale or IPO. This has
created a two-stream approach to value enhancement, split between an active
operational role in developing certain new and existing projects and secondly
structuring some of our existing projects into other quoted vehicles where
Minmet has taken a minority equity investment.

The operational strategy has developed out of the 'incubator' approach we
detailed in June 2005. We are keen to ascribe this however as a more hands-on
approach in which our resources, both human and financial, are combined with a
very active deal flow in areas where we believe significant value can be added
by applying the collective resources in the Company to maximum effect. Combining
an operational discipline to this investment strategy has transformed Minmet
into an integrated mining, investment, and development company and sees the
Company well placed to exploit opportunities throughout the natural resource or
other sectors.

Review of Operations

We are currently actively working on a diverse portfolio of resource based
projects of which three are in an advanced stage of development.
Texas/New Mexico Gas

Minmet is a 25% partner in a consortium working to
gain control of a gas production project in New Mexico. The target
company hold gas leases totalling 16,000 acres in a potentially new gas
producing province. This opportunity also includes constructed, but as
yet unfinished, gas infrastructure. Minmet has committed $2.5 million of
working capital to this project by way of a secured loan, of which $1
million has been drawn down. We would plan, if successful on this
project, to merge it with the opportunities available in the Barnett
Shale, Forth Worth, Texas.

Coromandel Diamonds & Sungem Zinc Projects

Minmet continues to work on
developing the Coromandel diamond concession within the joint venture
with RST. Adjacent to the same exploration concession area Minmet has
staked additional ground around the Sungem zinc target and has planned a
field campaign for the second half of 2006 to look to commercialise this
project particularly in view of the recent rapid appreciation in the
price of zinc.

Björkdal Gold Mine

Although the Björkdal mine is currently under option
to Gold-Ore Resources Ltd ("Gold-Ore") and if exercised will ultimately
form part of the Investment Portfolio. Minmet continues to be involved
in Bjorkdal's day to day operations through a Management Committee
established under the option agreement. The operation at Björkdal is
continuing at full capacity, processing existing stockpiles. A
significant exploration programme, funded by Gold-Ore under the option
terms is underway with the target of delineating in excess of 500,000
ounces of gold in additional reserves. Good progress is reported on this
work. Commercialisation of any new reserves will be enhanced by the
current high gold price.

Gold-Ore, as part of the option agreement, is planning to spend
approximately US$2.5 million on the exploration programme. In March 2006
Gold-Ore reported that the Phase I exploration programme on the project had
commenced. The goal of the programme is to expand the measured and indicated
resource categories of the deposit and will be followed by a Phase 2
programme and a feasibility study for open pit mining. The work started in
March 2006 with the blasting of the first two rounds of a 900 metre
tunnelling programme that will provide access for underground drilling and
detailed sampling. The initial cross-cut tunnel has started in the deepest
section of the open pit and is advancing at an average rate of 7 metres per
day. At least three on-vein drives will be turned off at 90 degrees to gain
access for an 8,000 metre diamond drill campaign. Diamond drilling is
scheduled to start in early June 2006. The tunnel will provide access for
underground diamond drilling to test an area 400 by 250 by 100 metres. Drill
stations will be established on 30 metre spaced sections and each station
will be drilled in a radial-fan fashion. The area to be drill-tested is a
conceptual target of 27 million tonnes. Using the historical mining grade of
the open pit of 2.4 g/t gold, Gold-Ore believes that the target is large
enough to host 500,000 to 1,000,000 ounces of gold.

Review of Investment Portfolio

Minmet started to build its Investment Portfolio in late 2003 with the sale of
some Swedish licences to Ovoca Resources plc ("Ovoca") against new shares in
Ovoca and by the creation of Lapp Plats plc ("Lapp Plats"). This new portfolio
was augmented in July 2004 by the listing of GoldQuest Mining Corp ("GoldQuest")
on the TSX Venture Exchange and in December 2004 a property in Northern Spain
was exchanged for shares in Ormonde Mining plc ("Ormonde").

Following the liquidity problems experienced on the implementation of the Mining
Plan at Björkdal, and its subsequent suspension in early 2005, the investments
in Ovoca, Lapp Plats and Ormonde were all liquidated. In addition some shares in
GoldQuest were also sold.

The Current Portfolio with % shareholding currently held by Minmet is made up of
the following companies and shareholdings:

Gold-Ore Resources Ltd - 11.7%
Fortsetter under

[Endret 31.05.06 12:42 av tåka]
31.05.2006 12:38

Gold-Ore Resources Ltd - 11.7%

In July 2005 management commenced a process to identify a third party company to
work with Minmet in attempting to optimise the value of the gold asset in
Björkdal. This process resulted in negotiations commencing with, TSX Listed
Gold-Ore who paid Minmet a US$50,000 exclusivity fee in September 2005 to
appraise the opportunity afforded by Björkdal. Following detailed negotiations a
transaction was agreed in November 2005 to grant Gold-Ore a 2 year exclusive
option to purchase 100% of Björkdalsgruvan AB, the Swedish operating company
running the operation. In January 2006 Gold-Ore paid Minmet 5.84 million of its
shares as consideration for the option.

Should Gold-Ore exercise the purchase option the terms envisage a further
payment to Minmet of US$2 million in cash, a minimum of US$2 million in
additional Gold-Ore equity and an on-going royalty with a buy out price of US$1

Northland Resources Ltd - 5.9%

In a further transaction Northland Resources Ltd ("Northland"), another
Vancouver based TSX listed company and our partner on the Barsele gold project
in Northern Sweden approached Minmet with an offer to buy-out the Minmet 40%
interest in the Barsele project, for a consideration of 3 million shares and 1.5
million warrants in Northland. Minmet, in addition, has held 0.4 million
Northland shares arising from the original earn-in agreement. This arrangement
has been signed by all the parties to the transaction and was completed in all
respects on 19 May 2006.

Northland announced in March 2006 that drill rigs had arrived at the Barsele
gold project and the Stora Sahavaara magnetite iron project, also in Sweden, and
that drilling at both projects had commenced. At the Barsele project Northland's
geologists are planning up to 2,500 metres of core drilling in the current
programme. The objectives of the programme are to continue with the larger
diameter drilling within the limits of the existing resource to confirm the
potential to increase the average gold grade in the resource, and to convert
inferred resources to indicated resources. A more extensive programme is planned
for later in the year once additional rigs have been secured.

At the Stora Sahavaara magnetite iron project a second drill rig has arrived and
drilling is underway. Up to 2,000 metres of core drilling is planned, depending
on the timing of the spring thaw. Northland's technical staff have completed an
internal company resource calculation which is currently being reviewed by an
independent third party consultant. Northland has achieved their initial
objective for the current year by outlining a resource of at least 200 million
tonnes of magnetite at Stora Sahavaara which can now be incorporated into a full
feasibility study.

GoldQuest Mining Corp - 19.7%

Minmet continues to hold an investment in TSXV listed GoldQuest. Minmet's
holding has reduced from the original 58.2% to a current level of 19.7% through
a combination of sales by Minmet and dilution arising from new capital issues by
GoldQuest. GoldQuest has developed a portfolio of gold and copper exploration
projects in the Dominican Republic ("DR"). These are located in two belts, the
Eastern DR and the Western DR. The projects in the Eastern DR are focused around
the Pueblo Viejo gold-silver deposit which is due to be developed by Barrick
Gold Corporation and Goldcorp Inc. subsequent to the former's recent acquisition
of Placer Dome Inc. GoldQuest owns the strategically important Piedra Iman and
Loma La Resbalosa concessions and has optioned the Longyear concession. Drilling
at the latter in 2005 has defined discontinuous gold-copper mineralization on
Loma La Mina that may reflect mineralization outboard from Pueblo Viejo.

The projects in the Western DR were defined by a generative programme of
geochemical sampling and geological modelling carried out by GoldQuest in
conjunction with Gold Fields Ltd. This programme has resulted in the discovery
of several new gold and copper mineral occurrences, most notably the Cerro
Dorado porphyry gold system and the Las Tres Palmas high sulphidation gold
system. As a result of the success of the initial phases of the Western DR
programme GoldQuest has recently expanded its association with Gold Fields into
a joint venture.

Horizonte Minerals plc - 16.9%

Minmet has also recently secured an interest in Horizonte Minerals plc
("Horizonte"), which commenced trading on AIM on 8 May 2006. To secure this
investment, Minmet sold some of its Brazilian and Peruvian interests into
Horizonte where Minmet's interest is approximately 17%.

Ashburton Minerals Ltd - 2.0%

Through an earn in and joint venture agreement a transaction has been agreed
over Minmet's Cuiabá gold project in Brazil with ASX listed Ashburton Minerals
Ltd ("Ashburton"). This agreement gave Minmet an initial shareholding in
Ashburton as consideration for the award of the earn-in and it also details a
level of expenditure by Ashburton to earn into an equity percentage in the
Cuiabá project. The agreement prescribes for the creation of a joint venture
company, assuming the expenditure hurdles are reached, and gives Minmet certain
back-in rights should gold deposits in excess of 300,000 ounces of gold be
discovered on the Cuiabá licenses and areas covered by an airborne geophysical
survey conducted by Minmet in 1999.

Accordingly Minmet has now assembled a valuable Investment Portfolio under a
strategy which commenced in late 2003 and which is now operational and
financially unencumbered.
Resten er kun oppsett over verdier , og regnskap ligger på minmet siden.

mvh Tåka

[Endret 31.05.06 12:39 av tåka]
31.05.2006 12:39

Du er tydligvis aksjonær...!? :)
31.05.2006 12:42

ja, tenkte og få ordnet en sikkelig oversikt da den no er notert på unotert listen , og mail kom fra goldquest om oppdatering i dag.

som enkelte sier
High risk and high reward!

mvh Tåka
06.06.2006 22:39

tåka, hva tror du finnes av mulige triggere her fremover?
06.06.2006 22:58


Den som hadde vist om her kom noen snarlige kurs triggere, da hadde eg nok kjøpt litt mere.
Så foresten det var omsatt 100k på 13 øre i dag, så noen er hvertfall litt interessert.

Det var noe nytt i års raporten, tenker da på " Texas/New Mexico Gas " Håper dette er et av
prosjektene som virkelig kan ta av.

GoldQuest Mining Corp kommer ofte med oppdateringer, får bare håpe de kjører på og
øker vår verdi;)

Det mest tydlige signalet er vel DemoDyse som samenlignet kjøp av minmet på denne kursen som
og kjøpe ige til rundt 0,70 for noen måneder siden.

Har notert meg på alle mailaddresser eg har funnet, kommer det noe nytt så setter eg det inn.

Så får vi bare vente ;)

mvh Tåka
06.06.2006 23:01

ok! De 100 k i dag var meg. Kjøpte en liten post bare for å være med. Ligger nederst i skuffen ;-)
06.06.2006 23:04

hehe ;)

Der ligger mine og!
06.06.2006 23:09

Her er en presentasjon av goldquestcorp:


Den er fra 7.mars, og tungt stoff for meg som ikke er gruve mann, men eg synes jo det har potensiale :)
07.06.2006 15:04

klarte ikke å la være. Vil være med på leken jeg også!
300k igjen på 13 øre. så er det tomt!
07.06.2006 15:19


Når det gjelder Northland Resources Ltd - Der Minmet eiger en aksjepost på 5.9% kom de og med Shareholder Updates: June Monthly Report no den 5.6.06.

Denne ligger her http://www.northlandresourcesinc.com/i/pdf/2006-06_SMR.pdf

mvh Tåka

[Endret 07.06.06 15:19 av tåka]
07.06.2006 15:20

Der tok jeg resten, 353k
07.06.2006 15:23

oppdaget no at northland ligger faktisk her på unotertlisten(NAUR), hm, til rundt 7-8 kroner, Dette må forskes på!
07.06.2006 15:28

undervurdert : Velkommen i klubben ;) hehe.
mvh Tåka
07.06.2006 15:32

Northland posten er verd 26,8mill på kurs 7,40

(kursen var nettopp 11,- på høyt volum, da var verdien 40mill for posten til minmet)
07.06.2006 15:35

så det kursfallet eg og, kan hende en skulle prøve og følge med og bunnfiske litt der og utover sommern. Må uansett orientere meg litt til først..
07.06.2006 15:36

Velkommen undervurdert. Sitter stort sett med samme aksjer vi.. NPEG, Nope, NEC/eller var det ignis, og nå Minmet.

Vi satser på at det blir noen kroner her også...!?

[Endret 07.06.06 15:39 av owen]
07.06.2006 15:38

Alan skrev "MM har også en opsjon på å kjøpe flere aksjer til en lav kurs."

Noen som vet hvor mange aksjer de har opsjon på?
07.06.2006 15:41

3 million shares and 1.5
million warrants in Northland. Minmet, in addition, has held 0.4 million
Northland shares arising from the original earn-in agreement. This arrangement
has been signed by all the parties to the transaction and was completed in all
respects on 19 May 2006.
Det skulle da samlet bli 3,4 ( om det er 3+0,4) millioner aksjer også 1,5 mill, varrent.?

ad varrents : purchase up to 1,500,000 shares in Northland exercisable at C$0.80 per share within two years

[Endret 07.06.06 15:44 av tåka]
[Endret 07.06.06 15:48 av tåka]
08.06.2006 13:10

NAUR opp, MINMET ned.....
08.06.2006 15:32

Hva blir sammenhengen på Minmet og Naur? (som forøvrig har en bra omsettning i dag)
08.06.2006 22:45


Usikker på hva spørsmålet ditt er, men MinMet er stor aksjonær i Naur(Northland) om du ikke er klar over det.
27.06.2006 11:23

plukker litt i "ny og ne" her. Kan kanskje gi litt avkastning for de som er tålmodige....
27.06.2006 12:46

Kanskje du plukket de siste "billige"

Nå ligger selger på 1,- :)
26.07.2006 09:19

En oppdatering av minmet, noen synspunkt?
20 July 2006

Minmet plc (“Minmet” or the “Company”)

Minmet plc (“Minmet”), the diversified international natural resource business, is pleased to announce that all resolutions were duly passed at its Annual General Meeting held today and to provide an update on its activities.

Highlights include:

* Disposal of 15% interest in Tucumcari Investments Limited

* Expiry of lock-in over shareholding in Gold-Ore Resources Limited

* Management continues to pursue a number of new opportunities that complement the Investment Portfolio assembled over the past 24 months

* Current listed share portfolio valued at US$10.86 M

Sale of a 15% interest in Tucumcari Investments Limited

As previously reported, Minmet is a 25% equity partner in a consortium (the “Consortium”) working to gain control of a number of natural gas exploration and production projects in the Tucumcari Basin in New Mexico, USA including 8 successful gas exploration wells and gas pipeline infrastructure (together the “Projects”). The interests of the Consortium are represented through a Turks and Caicos company, Tucumcari Investments Limited (“TIL”). In order to advance the Projects, in March 2006 Minmet and one other consortium member advanced secured loans totalling the equivalent of US$5.5M, to finance the Projects, to the Consortium. The secured loan advanced by Minmet amounts to £1,463,000 (US$2.7m).

Minmet has now agreed to sell a 15% equity interest in TIL and assign its £1,463,000 secured loan, to an existing consortium member, for a cash consideration of US$ 3,075,000 (£1.67M).

Subsequent to this sale Minmet will retain a 10% equity interest in TIL and will continue to give the Consortium the benefit of its management input to advance the Projects, in a variety of areas.

In the short term the Consortium is working to finalise the release of the assets in the Projects from US Chapter 11 protection and to reactivate the Projects. A Disclosure Statement for Plan of Reorganization (“Plan”), prepared by the Consortium, was approved by the US Bankruptcy Court in Austin, Texas on 27 June 2006 and ratification of this Plan is subject to a confirmation hearing of this Court in Austin on 2 August 2006.

The Consortium has engaged industry professionals to prepare a Competent Person Report (“CPR Report”) including a valuation of the Projects. Assuming that the value recognised by the Consortium in the Projects is validated by the CPR Report, the Consortium is planning to advance the Projects, including raising the additional development capital that will be required, possibly through an IPO of the business.

Gold-Ore Resources Ltd
The 5.84M shares held by Minmet in TSX Listed Gold-Ore Resources Ltd (“Gold-Ore”) (valued at 19 July 2006 at C$3.21M) acquired at the execution of the option over the acquisition of Bjorkdalsgruvan AB in January 2006 became free trading effective 18 June 2006. As with all the constituent companies in the Investment Portfolio, the Board will take advantage of trading opportunities in these shares as they arise.

Gold-Ore has reported good progress on its extensive exploration work over the Bjorkdal mine, where it is now targeting additional gold resources of 1M ounces. Gold-Ore has confirmed that the US$1.5M in exploration funding, as required in the Option Agreement to be paid or charged to Bjorkdalsgruvan AB, was finalised prior to the agreed date. It is expected that the planned exploration programme will continue for the remainder of 2006 at least.
Other Projects and Investment Portfolio

Minmet is participating as a 25% member of a new consortium investigating the advancement of a mineral sands project in Chile. Field investigations have been undertaken involving Minmet personnel and a third party technical assessment has now been instigated. Early discussions with potential industry investors have taken place. Minmet and another member of this new consortium have advanced, by way of loan, £118,500 each to fund the preliminary costs of this project.

Minmet’s investments in Northland Resources, GoldQuest Mining Corp and Horizonte Minerals plc are progressing well and all three companies have planned drilling programmes in the third quarter of 2006.

A number of additional opportunities are under investigation and developments will be reported as appropriate.

Commenting on recent developments Minmet’s Chairman, Mike Neville commented, “I am encouraged by our ability to work through the extensive deal flow that is presenting itself to the Company and that we are in a position to de-risk our investments in the manner of our sale of 15% of Tucumcari Investments Limited, leaving Minmet with a free carry on 10% and the recovery, at a premium, of our total outlay. The sale of some of our TIL stake will strengthen our cash position and will provide us with a good platform to review new opportunities whilst developing our existing portfolio. Our continued focus will be to reflect the tangible growth in the Company’s net worth in value to shareholders. We hope to achieve this through intensive study of potential transactions and a clear understanding of how our participation in them will lead to value accretion whilst realising our existing investments as and when appropriate. In addition to the investments and participations discussed above we are also working to build value in the company through a significant corporate deal which could be executed through a merger, takeover or corporate purchase”.
* * E N D S * *

For further information please contact:

Minmet plc

Mike Neville, Chairman Minmet plc Tel: + 44 7775 606175

Michael Nolan, CEO Minmet plc Tel: + 353 87 242 9221


Alastair Crabbe
26.07.2006 09:24

* Current listed share portfolio valued at US$10.86 M

Hvilke andre verdier har selskapet som ikke er med i summen? Selskapet er verdsatt til ca US$24.00 M
26.07.2006 09:40

undervurdert [12172]
Det er et godt spørsmål, finner det litt irriterende at ikke alle prosjekter er med i oppdateringen, eksempelvis Naur, de har vel ikke solgt aksjene.

Vi får håpe de har kontroll, spesielt eg siden aksjeposten min er verdt 500k selv her på 12 øre ;)

Det er jo derfor eg er med her, muligheten for en kjempeavkastning. Dog ikke uten risiko...
26.07.2006 13:46

Synd at de norske Minmet aksjene koster 70% mer enn de engelske Minmet aksjene. Ante meg at det ble slik når man ikke var villig til å ta med (emisjon) flere aksjer. Da hadde man kanskje fått et fornuftig marked her i Norge som kunne dratt med seg London oppover.
26.07.2006 13:50

Culpa [695]
hvordan kommer du frem til det regnestykket ? Gidder ikke regne selv, solen varmer for mye ;)
26.07.2006 14:03

sist omsatt 0,08 euro tilsvarer ca 6,50 øre. er små volum der også, så det er vel ikke så mye å henge seg opp i. Er vel først når ting skjer, dette kan bli spennende.
26.07.2006 14:21

Minmet LSE, pris i Pund

Sist omsatt 600 000 aksjer på 0,45 pence. (Pund kurs 11.6)
Skulle gi en kurs på 5.2 øre. Altså er aksjen til salgs med en premium på nesten 100% i Norge nå, slik har det vært lenge selv om det knapt omsettes aksjer i Norge.

26.07.2006 14:31

hvor mye verdsettes Minmet til når en tar med alle markedene de er inne i?
26.07.2006 14:49

Det er totalt 1 379 157 308 aksjer i Minmet.

Dersom man legger til grunn prisingen på LSE der snitt volumet omsettes for rundt 2 millioner daglig blir markedsverdi rundt 80 millioner kroner. Dog mener man på OTC (unotert listen) at selskapet er verdt det dobbelte (selv om det her knapt skjer noen omsettning [med god grunn.] Med en gang man får volum på OTC vil man samtidig få arbitrasjehaier.
01.08.2006 17:15

hva er forventningene til en aksje som dette?

at den øker 100% eller mer?
At den kommer på børs?

Hva skal til for at den øker?
30.08.2006 16:07

Det er gått et år siden investeringen,3 måneder siden eg åpnet tråden, kursen er synkende, selskapet sier at de har mange spennende prosjekter og bla , bla.

Avskriver hele greia og fyrer med slutt seddler i vinter, hjelper litt på strøm prisen hvertfall.

Lei for øsingen og haussingen i sommer , men det så ut som bra grunnlag i ressurs oppdateringen.

Lykke til videre Minmet men eg forventer intet av dere;)

mvh Tåka
24.09.2006 00:53


Det e håp i hengende snøre, som man sier.

Ja MinMet har ikke akkurat innfridd. Skuffelsen var stor, da de rotet det til på Bjørkdal i fjor. Da Thomas Cederborg overlot ansvaret til MinMet, gikk det hele galt der.

Cederborg inviterte meg til Bjørkdalsgruven, da han var gruvesjef der men det ble aldri til at jeg kom meg dit, før han sluttet.

Kursen i MinMet kan man trygt si er mere en utbombet.

Kan se ut til at ting har snudd nå. Kanadiere med skikkelig gruvekspertise ser ut til å få skikk på Bjørkdalsgruven igjen, og de driver faktisk i pluss der nå.

Gold Ore har som kjent opsjon på å kjøpe gruven, som betaling får Minmet kontanter og aksjer. En Net Smelter Return vil også være med på lasset.

MinMet har også siste halve året gått i pluss, dette må være første gang i selskapets historie.
Selskapet vil også motta cash for div salg i månedene og året som kommer.
Selskapet sitter også på endel aksjer i flere andre selskaper.
Det kan fort bli verdiøkninger på disse.

Ser at selskapet kommer til å selge seg kraftig ned i Gold Quest i de nærmeste månedene. Da blir det mere penger i kassa.

MinMet har også vært igjennom en kraftig snuoperasjon siden i fjor. Jeg ser lysere på fremtiden til selskapet nå.

De har jammen klart å snu store underskudd til overskudd.

Rapport første halvår 2006



• Profit on ordinary activities for 6 months to 30 June 2006 US $601k (2005: loss US$3,090k)

• Rationalisation of diversified mining portfolio into a Listed Equity Portfolio is now

• Management investigating a number of possible Corporate transactions in order to position
the company for the future and accrete value for shareholders

• Listed Equity Portfolio currently valued at approx. US$11 million

• Good progress reported by Gold-Ore on Björkdal gold mine, underground exploration
project continues in option phase

• Launch of Horizonte Minerals plc on AIM incorporating spin-off of certain of Minmet’s
historic Brazilian and Peruvian exploration assets

27.09.2006 20:04

Setter dette inn fra halvårsraporten, Northland har i dag gjenomført en emisjon og blir notert å Oslo børs snart.
emisjonskursen var på 7,25

En får jo sett bedre hvor mye dette har slags verdi.

Sale of interest in Barsele and Norra gold projects to Northland Resources Inc.
Also in January 2006 Minmet agreed terms with Northland Resources Inc (“Northland”), of
Vancouver Canada, to exchange Minmet’s remaining 40% interest in the Barsele and Norra gold
projects in Northern Sweden for a direct equity stake in Northland. Under the terms of the
Minmet plc Page 3 Interim Report 2006
agreement Minmet received 3 million shares in Northland then valued at C$2.61 million and
warrants to purchase up to 1.5 million shares in Northland at C$0.80 per share within two years.
The current Northland share price is C$1.30 which values Minmet’s present holding (shares and
warrants) at C$4.65 million. Following the transaction and before exercising the warrant, the Group
held approximately a 6% interest in the equity of Northland.
22.11.2006 11:27

Minmet plc
Minmet plc

Holding in Company

Minmet plc ('Minmet' or 'Company), the diversified international natural
resource business, has received notification on 21 November 2006 that
Christopher Nordström, c/o 22 Grafton Street, London W1S 4EX is the beneficial
owner of a total of 192,443,798 shares in Minmet representing 13.85% of the
Company's current issued share capital.

For further information please contact:

Minmet plc:

Michael Nolan, CEO Minmet plc Tel: + 353 1 661 3309

Websites: www.minmet.ie

Har Nordstrøm kjøpt mere ?
Kan vi endelig bli kvitt aksjene på en opptur ?

vi får se.
mvh Tåka
06.12.2006 16:03

pressemelding kom nå
06.12.2006 16:13

20 gamle blir en ny? 2 kroner aksjen altså! Noen som har kommentarer?
06.12.2006 16:22

mm foreslår at 20 eksisterende akser verdt 0,0125 euro blir 1 ny aksje på 0,01 euro.

kan vansklig se hvordan dette skal være til det bedre.

Det beste hadde vel vært og berget restene, og sett om en fikk 10 øre.

men hvem vil vel ha 4.1 mill minmet aksjer ?
06.12.2006 16:28

for 10000 aksjer får en 125 euro. dette er 1000 kroner
så blir påskrevet verdi :
500 aksjer til verdi 5 euro - 40 kroner

500 aksjer til verdi 120euro - 940 kroner - men desse strykes !

sitter igjen med 500 aksjer om en har 10000 og kursen bør være 2 kroner for og gå i null med der kursen ligger i dag på 10 øre.

[Endret 06.12.06 16:29 av tåka]
[Endret 06.12.06 16:41 av tåka]
07.12.2006 14:19

Hm. Virker som de største eierene vil skrape til seg flere aksjer, og i tillegg at selskapet kjøper egne aksjer for sletting i samme hensikt.
15.12.2006 11:58

Noen som vil ha på 8 øre ? legg opp kjøper så selger eg. Ønsket volum litt over 2 mill.
15.12.2006 12:22

Du selger tåka?
15.12.2006 12:43

owen [1948]
om muligt selger eg meg ned fra 4 mill til 2 mill aksjer, i tilfelle kurs ras når nye aksjer skal åpne på 2 krone, åpner den på 1 kan eg dobble antallet .

kan hende eg bommer, men det vet vi ikke ennda...
09.01.2007 23:53

Ser ut til at Gold Ore får skikk på Bjørkdalsgruven igjen.

Gold-Ore Shareholders Berserk Over Bjorkdal Drill Results

10.01.2007 08:04

I dag er denne spleiset 20:1. Pass på at dere ikke selger for billig.

Forstår ikke hvorfor de ikke klarer å løfte dette selskapet litt mer frem i lyset.

Fikk du solgt noe tåka??
10.01.2007 08:21

Nei, fikk ikke solgt noe. Men aksjene er uansett ikke verdt mere enn noen hundre k, så eg gir f-aen.

kurs på minmet

lurer på om eg er på rett kurs side: ser her på meldingen fra selskapet den 29.12
Further to an announcement made on 28 December 2006 in relation to the Company's Share Consolidation and Capital Reorganisation, trading in the Company's new ordinary shares of €0.01 each will commence on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange on Tuesday 2 January 2007 (ISIN Code: IE00B1KDSD45; AIM: MNT.L; IEX: MJX.IR).

mvh Tåka

[Endret 10.01.07 08:25 av tåka]
10.01.2007 14:07

Får håpe at det ikke er noen som går på dette. siste kurs var på 0,06 som tilsvarer 1,20

Nå ligger kjøper på 35 øre.
10.01.2007 16:38

Må si jeg hoppet litt i stolen da jeg plutselig så at verdien hadde økt med noen mill. Men det tok ikke lang tid å finne ut at det var meglerfussa som hadde økt kursen til 1,20, men glemt å redusere antallet aksjer i henhold til spleisen.
En kortvarig glede i hverdagen. :-)

19.01.2007 10:02

Northland Resources Ltd - 5.9% er Minmet sin eigendel, er no oppe over 11kroner.

Våre verdier stiger - bare ikke minmet selger sine aksjer no da , hadde ikke forundret meg .

Kursen etter aksje forandring ligger med kjøper rundt 1 krone selger rundt 2.

ei saa peittaa
19.01.2007 17:17

tåka [5558]
har ikke minmet gradvis solgt seg ned der?
20.01.2007 10:35


Hvorfor tror/mener du at MINT har solgt seg ned i NAUR?
Har prøvd å finne ut av eierandelen til MINT, men er usikker på andelen, ser dog at 5,9% antydes av tåka. Stemmer dette er MINT kraftig underpriset nå.

[Endret 20.01.07 10:35 av brnmfy]
ei saa peittaa
21.01.2007 10:10

fordi de har gradvis solgt seg ned i selskaper de tidligere har vært eksponert i.

[Endret 21.01.07 18:38 av ei saa peittaa]
22.01.2007 11:13

brnmfy [669]
Dette var i oppdateringen som kom i mai 2006.

Northland Resources Ltd - 5.9%

In a further transaction Northland Resources Ltd ("Northland"), another
Vancouver based TSX listed company and our partner on the Barsele gold project
in Northern Sweden approached Minmet with an offer to buy-out the Minmet 40%
interest in the Barsele project, for a consideration of 3 million shares and 1.5
million warrants in Northland. Minmet, in addition, has held 0.4 million
Northland shares arising from the original earn-in agreement. This arrangement
has been signed by all the parties to the transaction and was completed in all
respects on 19 May 2006.

ei saa peittaa [405]

Kan ikke finne noen plass der det står dei har solgt Naur aksjer.
mvh Tåka

[Endret 22.01.07 11:13 av tåka]
26.01.2007 10:45


Vet det ikke er rare omsetningen i denne, men de har nå
en verdi bare på NAUR på kr. 63 700 000,- og her ser det jo ut for at mange venter enda høyere priser.

så finnes det jo en del andre ting som også er spenende.
26.01.2007 11:15

Det er av Delta lagt ut en aksjonæroversikt i NAUR pr medio Des 2006. I denne kan jeg ikke se MINT's posisjon/beholdning uten videre. Hvor kan de være gjemt?

Tåka refererer til informasjon i mai fra selskapet om en posisjon på ca 6%, dette er riktig i følge hjemmesiden, samt at de innehar warrants tilsvarende 1,5 mill aksjer.

Om selskapet fortsatt har denne andelen av NAUR, så er det klart at verdiene i selskapet øker dramatisk med oppgangen i NAUR.
31.01.2007 21:02


Her er det vel ikke mange som følger med for tiden, så her er en liten lett oppdatering på hvordan kursen har vært i dag.


Last Trade: 11.75 p
Trade Time: 3:53PM
Change: 0.75 (6.82%)
Prev Close: 11.00
Open: 10.75
Bid: 11.90
Ask: 11.90
1y Target Est: N/Ap

Day's Range: 10.56 - 12.30
52wk Range: 6.00 - 11.00
Volume: 310,115
Avg Vol (3m): 128,798
Market Cap: £8.16 M

01.02.2007 18:29

Et elegant hopp fra 1,20 til 2 på OSE. På tide.

01.02.2007 22:53

Vet det ikke er mange som vil se dette, og at de som vil sikkert klarer og finne dette ut selv. Men det er ikke så mange postene på denne :)))))

Last Trade: 15.01 p
Trade Time: 4:25PM
Change: 3.26 (27.74%)
Prev Close: 11.75
Open: 11.90
Bid: 15.25
Ask: 15.25

Day's Range: 12.41 - 17.00
52wk Range: 6.00 - 12.30
Volume: 545,564
Avg Vol (3m): 136,681
Market Cap: £10.43 M

01.02.2007 23:07


Er dette tall fra Dublin eller London, evnt. er de sammenfallende?
01.02.2007 23:13


hei brnmfy

Dette er tall fra London

02.02.2007 14:36



Last Trade: 16.92 p
Trade Time: 1:01PM
Change: 1.92 (12.76%)
Prev Close: 15.01
Open: 15.25
Bid: 15.50
Ask: 17.00

Day's Range: 14.57 - 17.00
52wk Range: 6.00 - 12.30
Volume: 359,962
Avg Vol (3m): 136,681
Market Cap: £11.76 M

ei saa peittaa
03.02.2007 11:38

hvorfor stiger den så mye?
har folk oppdaget at naur har steget?
Minmets "aktive" porteføljehåndtering gjør meg usikker på hvor mye av oppturen de har fått med seg...
06.02.2007 22:01

Ser ikke så bra ut i kveld, men kan vel holde dere oppdatert alikevel.

Last Trade: 13.50 p
Trade Time: 4:07PM
Change: 2.01 (12.96%)
Prev Close: 15.51
Open: 15.75
Bid: 14.12
Ask: 14.13
Day's Range: 13.50 - 15.55
52wk Range: 6.00 - 17.00
Volume: 353,102
Avg Vol (3m): 177,400
Market Cap: £9.38 M

12.02.2007 15:12

Update on Minmet's Current Activities

Option in Björkdalsgruvan AB to Gold-Ore Resources Ltd.

The exclusive option ('Option') signed in January 2006 with Vancouver based
Gold-Ore Resources Ltd ('Gold-Ore') giving Gold-Ore the right to purchase, at
any time prior to 31 December 2007, Minmet's 100% interest in Björkdalsgruvan
AB, remains on course. The exercise cost to Gold-Ore of the Option amounts to,
in excess of US$4.5 million in cash and additional equity, together with an
on-going production royalty to Minmet. Gold-Ore has recently secured a private
placement of C$6.7 million to continue its exploration and feasibility studies
on the Bjorkdal asset. Minmet has sold 3.35 million shares in Gold-Ore reducing
its equity interest in Gold-Ore to 2.49 million ordinary shares. On 9 February
2007 Gold-Ore ordinary shares were quoted at C$0.75 valuing Minmet's holding in
Gold-Ore at C$1.87 million.

Northland Resources Inc.

Minmet's shareholding in Northland Resources Inc ('Northland'), of Vancouver
Canada, which was acquired in May 2006, has been reduced to a current holding of
1.49 million shares. Minmet has been slowly selling shares in Northland into the
rising share price. Minmet continues to hold warrants to purchase up to 1.5
million shares in Northland at C$0.80 per share by May 2008. At the current
Northlands share price of C$2.35 Minmet's present holding (shares and warrants)
is valued at C$5.83 million.

hele meldingen i dag på .

14.02.2007 16:53


[Endret 17.02.07 00:58 av lockmano]
[Endret 17.02.07 01:30 av lockmano]
ei saa peittaa
15.04.2007 14:31

må spørre her og om noen vet hvordan rf-1059 skal fylles ut for minmet for oss som benyttet oss av tegningsrettene vi fikk i ige.
27.04.2007 16:01

ei saa peittaa [572]

RF-1059 aksepterer bare norske selskaper med norske ISIN nummer.

15.05.2007 10:48

14 May 2007


As at the date of this announcement Minmet plc (“Minmet” or the “Company”) had been notified, pursuant to the transitional provisions of the Disclosure and Transparency Rules that the following directors and major shareholders are interested in 3 per cent or more of the voting rights of the Company:
Percentage of voting rights
Shareholder Connected Total

Michael Burchell (Note 1) - 24.67% (Note 3) 24.67%

Gary Moore (Note 2) - 24.67% (Note 4) 24.67%

Other major shareholders

Gold Oil plc 13.83% 10.84% (Note 5) 24.67%
Gold Oil Caribbean Limited 10.84% 13.83% (Note 6) 24.67%
International Gold Exploration IGE AB 5.00% - 5.00%

HSBS Global Custody Nominee (UK)
Limited <813259> 4.45% - 4.45%

1. Michael Burchell is also a director of Gold Oil plc.
2. Gary Moore is also a director of Gold Oil plc and Gold Oil Caribbean Limited.
3. Michael Burchell’s interest as a connected party relates to the aggregate shareholder interests of Gold Oil plc and its subsidiary, Gold Oil Caribbean Limited
4. Gary Moore’s interest as a connected party relates to the aggregate shareholder interests of Gold Oil plc and its subsidiary, Gold Oil Caribbean Limited
5. Gold Oil plc’s interest as a connected party relates to the shareholder interest of its subsidiary, Gold Oil Caribbean Limited
6. Gold Oil Caribbean Limited’s interest as a connected party relates to the shareholder interest of its parent, Gold Oil plc

The Company has also been informed by Christopher Nordstrom, who held a 13.85% interest in the Company’s shares as of 22 November 2006, that he no longer has a reportable beneficial share interest in Minmet.

The above percentages are based on 92,208,000 ordinary shares, being the total number of the Company's issued ordinary shares each carrying voting rights.

For further information please contact:
Minmet plc +353 1 661 3309
Michael Nolan

HB Corporate +44 (0) 207 510 8600
Rod Venables / Will Bailey

18.05.2007 18:28


Hva gjør man så om ikke RF1059 kan brukes?
30.08.2007 21:09

Skjer ikke så veldig mye her, men noe bevegelse er det:

(2 uker gammelt)

Shareholder Notifications

On 20 August 2007 the Company received notification that Westcoast Group Limited and Ridgelane Limited together acquired 6,900,000 ordinary shares of Euro 0.01 cents each in the capital of the Company at a price of Stg18 pence per share, representing a 44% premium over the closing mid-market share price of Stg12.5 pence on the 20 August 2007. The interest purchased represents a holding of 7.48% in the Company’s issued share capital.

Kanskje notering på Axess hjelper på oppmerksomheten? Vi får vel snart se hvordan flytting fra OTC til Axess fungerer for NOMI.

Jeg må innrømme at jeg slett ikke følger dette selskapet, selv om jeg har noen aksjer i skuffen. Jeg er allikevel noe forvirret vedr. strategi og ledelse. Kanskje Alan eller andre kjekke gutter har noen synspunkter?


30.08.2007 22:45


Har ikke fulgt med på MinMet i de siste månedene.
Regner med at jeg kommer til å oppdatere meg på selskapet en mørk og regntung høstkveld.

Aksjene ligger langt nede i skuffen. Kursutviklingen har vært heller dårlig siden jeg benyttet meg av rettene fra IGE.

Men kanskje en dag............

03.10.2007 12:05

Minmett må være svært underpriset , jeg har fått info fra en
troverdig kilde .
Ved kurs 10p er verdien ca. 110 mill.kroner.
De har 70 mill.kroner i kontanter og ca.200 mill . i øvrige omløpsmidler som aksjer etc.
Minmett har ingen lansiktig gjeld.
Der de store verdier ligger bør være gull , diamant og andre gruveprosjekt som selskapet sitter på som har hatt en enorm kursøkning i andre selskap .

Her må det være en tillitssvikt som tidligere ledelse har forårsaket.
04.10.2007 13:31

Det er vel derfor den "indre sirkel" samler inn aksjer.
20.10.2007 13:21

Her er det bare å sitte på aksjene. Denne skal opp!
20.10.2007 20:12

Dersom alle sitter på de så kommer de seg ikke opp. :-)))

21.10.2007 00:30

Ser at MinMet har byttet ut store deler av styret, bla. ny styreformann.

I August holdt selskapet en presentasjon, denne innholder tall som viser at selskapet driver bra og har endel cash og omløpsmidler.

Ser ut til at det også blir navnebytte snart. (Endelig)



01.02.2008 17:04

Noen som vet hvor det har blitt av Minmets noteringer i Dubli/London?

Tidligere kunne de følges på MNT.L
17.02.2008 15:13

Ser at selskapet er suspendert, men finner ingen grunn for det?

19.02.2008 12:16

Requisition of EGM.
04.03.2008 21:09

MinMet har vært suspendert fra børsen i noen mnd, og kommer til å bli det en stund til.
MinMet satser nå på gass og olje, og har solgt mye av sine eiendeler innefor gruveindustrien.

Minesite hadde forleden en artikkel på det som skjer i selskapet nå.

Minmet Tries To Become An Oil Company, With Mixed Success

By Rob Davies

Some companies are simple to get to grips with. They raise money, use it to fund exploration, find something, dig it up and sell it. There might be a few corporate transactions along the way, but on that front Minews doubts that many companies can match what mining finance company Minmet has been doing in the last few months. The last time Minews covered Minmet the company was in the process of selling down its mining investments and building up its oil and gas assets. In fact the last major disposal was the exercise of the call option by Gold-Ore Resources to acquire Minmet’s Bjorkdal gold mine in Sweden. That was completed on 31st December 2007 and netted US$2m and 4m Gold-Ore shares for Minmet.

However, in the background much more fundamental changes have been taking place, and that has been reflected in the management and structure of the board. Michael Nolan has been replaced as chief executive by Jon King, and Dennis Barrett has taken over from Brian Gibbs as financial director. Chairman Peter Maddocks says this reflects the change in the company from mining to oil since both the new men have extensive oil and gas interests. Minmet had interests in two oil and gas companies, one in Alaska and another in Tucumcari in New Mexico.

The Alaskan deal was agreed in August 2007 and was for Minmet to acquire 100 per cent of Alaska Oil & Gas Resources for US$4.35 million in cash and US$87.5 million in Minmet shares. Given that Minmet’s market capitalisation last March was about £10 million that looks quite racy. Certainly not everyone agreed with the deal and Peter says that the cost of drilling in the Cook Inlet in Alaska was actually well out of Minmet’s league. So in the end the deal was cancelled, as announced on 21st January. But the exercise was not a complete washout, as Peter points out the deposit will be refunded and Minmet will get shares in the vehicle to the same value as the deposit.

The Tucumcari deal will now go ahead as a reverse takeover, which us why Minmet shares are currently suspended. The assets in the Tucumcari deal were wholly owned by Peter Maddocks, and once the deal is done that will undoubtedly leave him as the largest shareholder. The exact split in ownership of the new company between him and the existing Minmet shareholders won’t be known until the completion of a competent persons report on these assets. That’s likely to take about four months. But there are a number of other deals within the main one relating to the loans to the company owning the Tucumcari assets which have not been serviced. The net effect of which is to give Minmet a 25 per cent stake in certain gas leases in New Mexico, and the option to acquire the remaining 75 per cent, which is the trigger for the reverse takeover. All that said, shareholders in Minmet now have to wait for a few months for the CPR, a re-listing on AIM, and then they will be part owners of oil and gas assets in New Mexico. Simple really. And let’s hope those assets perform considerably better than the mining ones.

10.03.2008 10:42

Tok 50.000 her nå, har ikke helt kontroll, men tror selger gjør en stor tabbe
11.03.2008 11:47

Har du lagt de ut på 0,50 igjen undervurdert!? :)

Fikk dessverre bare noe lummerusk
09.04.2008 18:49

Tok litt til idag, mye usikkerhet nå, men mye å gå på ved dagens pris på 22mil...

15.04.2008 10:51

Fikk 61k idag .
Kassabeholdningen skal være mere verdt enn dagens mrkedspris.
15.04.2008 11:20

i dag London: 215000 omsat kurs 31 øre ( GBP 3.15)Det er billig !!!!!!!!!! - markedsverdi 69458000 aksjer*0,25= 17,3 mill kr.
De har
*Cash of +/- US$13.5m as a result of the return of the deposits and loans;
*Quoted securities/other assets to the value of approximately US$17m;
*Significant quoted minority carried interest in TUCX;
*Significant quoted minority carried interest in Alaska Oil & Gas Resources Limited.
14.05.2008 20:06

Markedspris 23 mill.
Har den nye ledelsen tatt kassa og rømt , enda syntes markedsprisen og være rimelig.
14.05.2008 20:25

Det er en grunn til at selskapet er billig

Les www.minmet.info

Men en prising til 23mill gir en god oppside hvis ledelsen feks blir kastet (satt i fengsel)
22.05.2008 18:56

omsettes på mikrovolumen til 0,025 GBX svarer til 24 ører eller 17 mill.kr for selskabet. Så det er vel bare å fjerne Maddock å selge assets for å evt. oppløse selskabet. Problemet er hvor mange aksjer denne "gentleman" kontrollerer indirekte gjennom disse transaksjoner det bringer ikke hjemmesiden svar på. Her er jo duket for et drama i nær fremtid med beskyldninger om ulovlige transaksjoner som lån mot overvurderte aksjer i selskaper til styreformannen , kredittilsyn ++
som det fremgår av linken til undervurdert. Kortversjonen er her


Shareholders in Aim-listed natural resources group MinMet have handed a file to the Serious Fraud Office and Financial Services Authority, claiming that £6.7m has been transferred from the firm to groups linked to the chairman

30.05.2008 07:59

uavhengig granskning og kursen stiger litt
Minmet announces that at the Extraordinary General Meeting ('EGM') held today,

the shareholders present voted to adjourn the EGM to allow the Board time to

provide a Competent Person's Report and valuation on the Tucumcari project.

Accordingly, the EGM has been adjourned to 12:00 noon on Friday, 13 June 2008 at
the Burlington, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4.
18.06.2008 20:58

God stemning på GF?
Minmet announces that at the Extraordinary General Meeting ('EGM') held on 13
June 2008, the shareholders present agreed to adjourn the EGM to allow the Board
time to publish the Company's 2007 Annual Results.

Accordingly, the EGM has been adjourned to 12:00 noon on Thursday, 3 July 2008

Da gikk der 2 poster en på 2 mill aksjer til 0,04 tilsvarer kr 0,41. Er der avklaring på vei.
Independent Report - Tucumcari assets, New Mexico
GCA Report Highlights:

-- GCA concurs with the Company's view that, as a best estimate, the
existing wells have demonstrated gas-in-place of about 200 Billion Cubic
Feet ('BCF') with further potential still possible.

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