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Inkasso-selskapet Axactor SE (tidl. Axactor AB)
00:48 26.05.2016

Fulltegnet til kurs 1,77, visstnok.
08:26 26.05.2016

Info'en din var litt upresis :-)

De måtte gi litt rabatt, emisjonen ble gjort på 1.70.

Pga. den "lille" rabatten vil det ikke bli gjort noen rep.emisjon.

AXA: Axactor - Completed private placement


Oslo - Reference is made to the stock exchange release from
Axactor AB ("AXA" or the "Company") published yesterday regarding the
contemplated private placement of between 171 and 220 million new shares in
the Company.

The Company announces today that it has raised approximately NOK 375 million
in gross proceeds through a private placement consisting of 220,400,000 new
shares (the "New Shares") at a price of NOK 1.70 per share (the "Private
Placement"). The Private Placement took place through an accelerated
bookbuilding process after close of markets yesterday. The Private
Placement, which was well oversubscribed, attracted strong interest from
both existing shareholders as well as new high quality institutional

The net proceeds from the Private Placement will be used for acquisitions of
non-performing loan portfolios and collection platforms, as well as for
general corporate purposes.

Notification of allotment and payment instructions will be sent to the
applicants by the
Managers on or about 26 May 2016. In order to provide for prompt
registration of the share capital increase, the Company and the Managers
expect to enter into an agreement related to pre-funding of the payment for
the New Shares allocated in the Private Placement, such agreement regulating
inter alia certain rights and obligations of the Company and the Managers
related to the pre-funding. Payment for the allocated new shares is expected
to take place on or about 3 June 2016 with delivery on or about 6 June 2016,
subject to approval of a listing prospectus (the "Prospectus") by the
Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority which is expected on or about 2 June

The new shares to be issued in connection with the Private Placement will be
issued based on the board authorisation granted by the Company's
extraordinary general meeting on 23 December 2015. The waiver of the
preferential rights inherent in a private placement is considered necessary
in the interest of time and successful completion. The previously announced
resolution to issue 49,033,589 shares to the previous shareholders of IKAS
has been reversed pursuant to agreement with said shareholders, and these
shares are now expected to be issued and delivered following approval of the

The share issuance was carried out as a private placement in order to
complete a transaction and without the significant discount typically seen
in rights issues, and also for the Company to be able to complete a
transaction in today's market conditions. As a consequence of the private
placement structure, the shareholders' preferential rights will be deviated

The price of NOK 1.70 per share in the Private Placement equals a discount
to the close price of less than 4 per cent. Consequently, the Board of
Directors has decided that it will not propose a subsequent offering.

Carnegie and DNB Markets (the "Managers") acted as joint bookrunners in the
Private Placement.

For further information, please contact:

Endre Rangnes
Chief Executive Officer
Mail: endre.rangnes@axactor.com
Tel: +46 8 402 28 00
Cell Phone: +47 48 22 11 11

Geir Johansen
Chief Financial Officer
Mail: geir.johansen@axactor.com
Cell Phone: +47 477 10 451

Endret 26.05.2016 08:26 av OldNick
09:12 26.05.2016

Ja, ja. Beklager det. Infoen ble videreformidlet fra en vanligvis seriøs kilde, men som tydeligvis hadde hentet sin info like ukritisk som meg fra HO...
12:38 26.05.2016

Husk at det er en vanskelig sentral eier her.
13:19 26.05.2016


"Spetalen" har, så vidt jeg har fått med meg, solgt seg helt ut etter denne meldingen:

On 8 April 2016, companies controlled by Øystein Stray Spetalen, sold 21 million shares in Axactor AB (publ). After the transaction Mr. Spetalen and associated companies hold 22,736,999 shares, representing 3.46% of the total outstanding 656,214,360 shares of Axactor.
09:22 27.05.2016

Tja, en bekreftelse på at han er helt ute og milevis unna, så skal jeg vurdere denne. De driver jo i et voksende marked.
13:16 28.05.2016

Kan noen hjelpe meg meg med svar på følgende spm.

Når må emisjonsaksjene meldes inn til OSE/ut i markedet? tenker da på flagging av % og innsidere, er det dato for da emisjonen ble annonsert 25.05, er det dagen etter 26.05 eller er det dagen da aksjene blir noterte?

Ser at Arctic flagget den 26 og SWB flagget 27, tenker vi da kan få nye flagg til neste uke?

Endret 28.05.2016 13:22 av LAKSESLAKTERN
07:54 20.06.2016

Noen med kunnskap fra inkasso her?
Kjell T. Ringen
13:36 22.06.2016

Pareto i dag

Axactor (AXA) announced earlier today that it will acquire 90% of the shares in the Italian debt collection company CS Union for EUR 9.9m. The transaction will be settled 60% in cash and 40% in new AXA shares at a price of ~NOK 1.8 p.s. (implying 20.6m new shares). According to AXA, CS Union has currently EUR 1bn under management, with revenues of EUR 8.2m and an EBITDA of EUR 2.1m for 2015. Today's acquisition and entry into Italy is mainly line the with communication on the Q1'16 presentation, where management commented that it was in concrete talks with one potential Italian target with a top-line of EUR 8-10m. We have currently a Buy recommendation and target price of NOK 5.00 for AXA.
14:39 22.06.2016



Oslo - Axactor AB (publ.) ("Axactor") acquires CS Union in Italy. CS Union is a leading independent debt purchase/debt collection company with EUR1bn under management. Banca Sistema will continue as a 10% shareholder of the new entity and will provide attractive financing as part of the strategic partnership.

Located in Piemonte, CS Union has operated in the Italian market for more than 20 years and has approximately 105 employees and an external network of more than 100 field collectors. Over the last four years, the company has acquired 21 NPL portfolios with a total face value of more than EUR710m. CS Union has a lean but highly scalable collection platform to manage EUR290m in debt on behalf of banks and financial institutions. In 2015, the company delivered revenues of EUR8.2m and EBITDA of EUR2.1m. Prior to this transaction, Banca Sistema has been a 26% shareholder of CS Union. The bank will retain 10% ownership stake post-closing of the transaction, and will continue the partnership with Axactor in Italy. The partnership will include an attractive financing arrangement, board representation and joint market development in Italy, based on a 3-years Shareholders' agreement.

Axactor will pay EUR9.9m for 90% of the shares in CS Union of which 60% will be settled in cash and 40% in Axactor shares. 75% of the shares will be subject to a 24-months lock-up period while the remaining 25% will have a 12-months lock-up period. Banca Sistema will realize a capital gain from the stake sold to Axactor of c. EUR2.3m before taxes.

Closing of the transaction is expected by the end of June.

Stefano Inguscio and Davide Graneris, the two founders of CS Union and majority shareholders, will continue to support the future development of the Company as members of the new management team.

The gross Italian NPL (non-performing loans) stock is in excess of EUR200bn, grown five times larger since 2008. NPL portfolios with a value of approximately EUR19bn was disposed last year, and hence, Italy remains one of the largest global markets for Non-Performing Assets. With the size and the expected continued growth of the Italian NPL market, Axactor regards this market particularly important in its Pan-European growth strategy and the ambition is to become a leading player in the debt collection/debt purchase segments. The regulatory environment has shown new favourable developments during the last year. This includes improving procedures and shortening foreclosure timelines via legal and regulatory measures such as facilitating NPL portfolio funding (GACS) and improving the tax regime. Also, the newly established Atlante fund is intended to be an accelerator of deal flow.

"We are excited about the acquisition of CS Union and the strategic partnership with Banca Sistema, and are looking forward to leveraging our joint talent, resources and capabilities in the Italian market. The CS Union management team has built a very successful company over the years by focusing on high quality customer service and a very efficient collection platform. Through this acquisition, we will enhance our European footprint and strengthen our partnerships in the financial services sector", said Endre Rangnes, CEO of Axactor.

Gianluca Garbi, CEO of Banca Sistema, said: "In the last three years we have supported the NPL market in Italy by investing in the growth of CS Union. This 10% strategic stake in the new business represents a recognition of the
conomic value created and a new starting point for CS Union, from today as part of a global network that we will keep supporting it in partnership with Axactor. Our investment has helped to build the story to date and future results will be directly evaluated by the market, as Axactor is a listed company".

Endret 22.06.2016 14:38 av OldNick
14:39 22.06.2016

PwC Deals acted as sole Strategic and Financial Advisor to the transaction and PwC Legal as the Legal Advisor to Axactor.

CEO Axactor: Endre Rangnes, Tel. +47 4822 1111, E-mail: endre.rangnes@axactor.com

CFO/IR Axactor: Geir Johansen, Tel. +47 4771 0451, E-mail: geir.johansen@axactor.com

IR Banca Sistema: Carlo Di Pierro, Tel. +39 02 80280.358, E-mail: carlo.dipierro@bancasistema.it

Media Relations Banca Sistema: Anna Mascioni, Tel. +39 02 80280.354, E-mail: anna.mascioni@bancasistema.it

Fra DNB Markets idag:

AXA: Ny aktivitet i Italia

Axactor melder i dag at selskapet har overtatt 90% i et innkrevingsselskap i Italia. Selskapet har tidligere overtatt lignende virksomheter i Spania og vi venter at den nye aktiviteten i Italia vil bli benyttet til å etablere en tilsvarende vekstplattform i dette markedet. Vi har en kjøpsanbefaling på Axactor med et kursmål på NOK 3 pr aksje. Kursen stengte i går på NOK 1.77 pr aksje.

DNB Markets
Aksjehandel Online
Tlf: 08940
E-post: ah.markets@dnb.no
08:36 30.06.2016

Axactor acquires the 4th unsecured Non Performing Loan (NPL) portfolio in Spain

Oslo , June 30 2016 - Axactor has acquired a Prime unsecured NPL portfolio
originated by a large Spanish consumer finance institution BMN (Banco Mare
Nostrum). The portfolio includes unsecured and secured loans with a total
Outstanding Balance (OB) of approximately EUR 144 million, with more than six
thousand open accounts of individuals and a solid paying book.

Axactor will pay around 5% of the Outstanding Balance. This price has been based
on the relatively young age of the claims in the portfolio and the strong recent
payment profile which Axactor expects to continue developing going forward.

"This is our 4th portfolio acquisition this year, and is an evidence of our
competitiveness and active presence in this market. The portfolio will add new
volumes to our amicable and legal operations in Spain. We are positioning Axactor
to gain more business in Spain and other countries in Europe", says Endre
Rangnes, Axactor CEO.

We continue to be well positioned to gain new business in Spain and other
countries in Europe", says Geir Johansen, Axactor CFO

The investments will be financed by Axactor's available cash and our credit
facilities with DNB.

For additional information, please contact:

Geir Johansen, CFO & Investor Relations, Axactor
Mobile phone: +4747710451
Email: geir.johansen@axactor.com

20:31 10.07.2016

Forundrer meg over hvor liten interesse det er for OSE beste vekstaksje. De er som Endre sier i FA 'vi vil være cash break-even i andre kvartal og gå i pluss i tredje og fjerde kvartal, sier Rangnes.'

Etter intervjuet har de nå nærmere 150mill EUR tilgjengelig om de ønsker.

'Vi har en veldig kostnadsfordel og bankene vet at vi kan gjøre jobben, sier Endre Rangnes om hva som gjør nordmennene så offensive i europeisk inkasso.
Italia er det landet i Europa med mest misligholdt gjeld, og nå har myndighetene ifølge Rangnes gjort det enklere å drive inkasso. Deretter kommer Polen og så Storbritannia, Spania og Tyskland.
Henter 2,5-3 ganger kostprisen
Rangnes betaler mellom 1,6 og 6 prosent av gjeldens pålydende.
- Vi kjøper aldri til en internrente på under ti prosent selv om andre er nede på ensifret. Vi har som mål å hente inn 2,5 til 3 ganger prisen på gjelden, hvilket gir en payback på 3-4 år i Spania og Italia, men med inntekter i mange år etter dette, sier Rangnes.
- Så hvorfor har Axactor-kursen stått i ro mens andre finansselskaper har skutt i været?
- Det kan du si. Noe skyldes at vi har tatt mye oppstartskostnader. Det tar tid å få porteføljene i full produksjon, men vi vil være cash break-even i andre kvartal og gå i pluss i tredje og fjerde kvartal, sier Rangnes.'

Noen hær som kan forklare hva får kursen til å prise Axactor tilnærmet tilgjengelig kapital? De har alle forutsetninger for å lykkes, ledelsen og styre har betydelige eiendeler. Hva er det som gjør at AXA prises til siste kurs på fredag 1,71??

Et annet spørsmål til dere.

Hvorfor ønsker eier av CS Union å ikke selge 100%? HN ønsker å sitte på 10% selv, hva får han til å ønske det?
20:15 13.07.2016

Kan noen fortelle meg hvorfor det er så liten interesse for AXA?

Det er jo tidenes kjøp!

Les dagens FA,
09:54 02.08.2016

AXA meldte i går om oppkjøp av en ny låneportefølje i Spania.

DNB Markets opprettholder kjøpsanbefalingen og kursmålet på 3 kr pr aksje. Meglerhuset tror at omsetningstakten allerede nå er på et nivå rundt 60 millioner euro per år vs tidligere kommunisert målsetting om omsetningstakt på 40 millioner euro innen utgangen av 2016.
07:39 24.08.2016

Arctic Securities har startet analysedekning av AXA, og konkluderer med en kjøpsanbefaling og kursmål 3,50 kr pr aksje.
09:10 24.08.2016

En positiv rapport fra et raskt ekspanderende selskap.

I løpet av noen korte måneder har selskapet nå kjøpt 27 ulike NPL portefølger med utestående ca. SEK18.9 mrd.

AXA: Q2-2016 report Axactor AB



Second Quarter of 2016

- EBITDA adjusted for non-cash items and non-recurring items is MSEK -2.2 million for the quarter.
- On April 7 the IKAS transaction closed and simultaneously the company made the first drawdown of NOK 135 million under the DNB/Nordea loan facility to part finance the acquisition.
- On May 12 Axactor acquires Geslico to complement its current operating platform in Spain and becomes a leading player in the Spanish debt collection market.
- On May 26 Axactor raised NOK 375 million in gross proceeds through a private placement of 220,400,000 new shares at a price of NOK 1.70 per share.
- On June 15 Axactor signed a new 3rd party collection (3PC) contract with the largest electrical company in Spain, Endesa. The three-year contract is expected to generate an annual revenue in excess of one million euros.
- On June 22 Axactor acquired 90% of CS Union and entered into a strategic partnership with Banca Sistema in Italy. CS Union has 100 employees, 22 NPL portfolios and a 3PC business with approximately EUR 290 million under management. Axactor paid EUR 9,9 million for the 90% ownership and 40% of the purchase price was settled with Axactor shares.
- On June 30 Axactor acquired its fourth unsecured NPL portfolio in Spain from Banco Mare Nostrum. The portfolio includes unsecured and secured loans with a total Outstanding Balance (OB) of approx. EUR 144 million. Axactor paid around 5% of the Outstanding Balance.

Key event after end of the report period

- On July 5 Axactor increased the existing loan facility and brought Nordea in as a second banking partner, thus increasing the existing facility from EUR 25 million up to EUR 50 million, with an additional EUR 50 million accordion option.
- On August 1 Axactor acquired its 5th unsecured NPL portfolio in Spain. The portfolio was originally generated by a large Spanish consumer finance institution. The portfolio has an Open Balance (OB) of approximately ? 565 million, with close to thirty thousand open accounts of individuals and SMEs.
- In July 2016 the company had positive Cash EBITDA for the month isolated.

Enclosed is the consolidated Q2 Financial Report for Axactor AB.

For additional information, please contact:
Geir Johansen, CFO & Investor Relations, Axactor
Mob: +47 4771 0451
Email: geir.johansen@axactor.com

AXA: Q2-2016 Report (PDF)

Endret 24.08.2016 09:28 av OldNick
11:45 01.09.2016

Pussig nok nedjusterer Pareto Securities AXA etter Q2-rapporten:

Meglerhuset justerer kursmålet fra 5 til 4 kroner pr aksje, men gjentar kjøpsanbefalingen.
20:57 13.09.2016

DNB tok Axactor inn i sin ukes-portefølge i går, og har denne kommentaren i dag.

DNB Markets: Kjøp Axactor

Vi tok i går Axactor inn i den ukentlige porteføljen med anbefalte aksjer. Basert på våre estimater har selskapet allerede kommet opp i en omsetningstakt på EUR 64 mill, mot en tidligere målsetting om en takt på EUR 40 mill ved utgangen av året. Den stigende takten innebærer at sannsynligheten også stiger for at selskapet utvikler seg i henhold til vårt basisscenario. I dette scenarioet ser vi en fair verdi på NOK 2.70 pr aksje. Flere europeiske banker har fremdeles misligholdte lån på balansen og vil se etter muligheter for avhende disse. Vi ser ytterligere vekstpotensial for selskapet fremover og har en kjøpsanbefaling med et kursmål på NOK 3 pr aksje. Kursen stengte i går på NOK 2.30 pr aksje.

DNB Markets
Aksjehandel Online
Tlf: 08940
E-post: ah.markets@dnb.no

Egentlig ingen endring fra tidligere publisert AXA-analyse.
16:49 29.09.2016

Axactor på kjøpern igjen.
Middels stor NPL-portefølge fra en større, italiensk bank.

AXA: Axactor acquires unsecured Non Performing Loan (NPL) portfolio in Italy


Axactor has acquired another unsecured NPL portfolio originally generated by a large Italian Bank. The portfolio includes unsecured claims with a total Outstanding Balance (OB) of approximately EUR 59 million, with close to twenty thousand open accounts of individuals and SMEs.

The portfolio transaction is a secondary market purchase, with the final acquisition cost around 5% of the outstanding balance. This price reflects a controlled takeover process from the current owner, including an element of actively paying cases which is core to Axactor's strategy of developing portfolio revenues after acquisition.

"This is our 1st portfolio acquisition since the acquisition of CS Union Spa and the 7th acquired by the company in 2016, demonstrating continued evidence of our ability to acquire portfolios whether in the prime or secondary markets. The portfolio will continue to increase volumes in our amicable and legal operations in Italy, while we look for further acquisitions across Europe ", says Endre Rangnes, Axactor CEO.

"This portfolio represents further diversification and growth across the Axactor's expanding geographical footprint", says Geir Johansen, Axactor CFO.

The investments will be 100% financed by Axactor's existing credit facilities provided by the company's Italian banking partners.

For further information, please contact:
Endre Rangnes, CEO, Mail: endre.rangnes@axactor.com, Tel: +46 8402 2800, Cell: +47 4822 1111
Geir Johansen, CFO, Mail: geir.johansen@axactor.com, Cell: +47 4771 0451
08:44 30.09.2016

Nok et betydelig oppkjøp av Axactor, denne gangen selskapet ALTOR i Tyskland.

De kjøper et veletablert gjeldsoppkrevings-selskap med betydelig gjeldsportefølger under oppkreving.

Oppgjør i cash, som betales delvis fra egen cashbeholdning, delvis ved trekk på kredittfasiliteten de har hos DNB/Nordea.

Meget bra fra Axactor!



Heidelberg/Oslo - Axactor AB (publ.) ("Axactor") acquires ALTOR Group ("ALTOR") in Germany.

ALTOR is a leading independent debt purchase/debt collection company in Germany with EUR 2bn under management. The company has a strong position in the financial sector for both 3rd party collection (3PC) and debt portfolio acquisitions.

Located in Heidelberg close to Frankfurt, ALTOR has operated in the German market for more than 30 years and has currently about 200 employees. Over the last 5 years, the company has acquired 16 NPL (non-performing loans) portfolios with a total face value of more than EUR 800m. ALTOR works with a ighly scalable collection platform and has invested significantly in a new collection system ver the last 3-4 years. The company manages more than EUR bn in debt on behalf of banks and financial institutions. In 2015, the group delivered revenues of EUR 21.6m and EBITDA of EUR 4.1m (German GAAP).

Axactor will pay an enterprise value of EUR 34,1m for 100% of the shares in the ALTOR Group which will be settled in cash. The net financial position is approximately EUR 16,5m. The transaction will be fully financed through the existing credit facility Axactor has with DNB/Nordea as well as use of available cash. The current management team of ALTOR will continue to manage the company and will take part in the Axactor share option program.

As one of the largest European markets with an expected EUR 53bn NPL (for the private sector and small and medium enterprises) by the end of 2016 Germany is a key market in Axactors Pan-European growth strategy and its ambition to become a leading player in the debt collection/debt purchase segment. As the market for servicers and debt collection agencies is currently consolidating, Axactor consider this a perfect timing to enter the German market. The acquisition of a well-known and successful company managing an attractive portfolio with a high growth potential in in line with the Axactor strategy. For ALTOR the new owner brings the opportunity to gain market shares by purchasing large and medium sized NPL portfolios.

"With the acquisition of the ALTOR Group, Axactor is acquiring a solid platform in Germany and will instantly be well positioned in the financial segment, focusing both on 3PC and portfolio acquisitions. We are excited to get onboard an experienced management team and organization. The previous owners, Mr. Strack and Mrs. Grebe and the management team, have over the past years built a successful business with impressive results. With an entrance into the German market, Axactor is also further expanding the geographical footprint in Europe and strengthening our position in the financial services sector", says Endre Rangnes, CEO Axactor Group.

The former owners of the ALTOR Group Mrs Grebe (67) and Mr Strack (83) says, "the decision to sell the company we have not only successfully managed but lived for since 1987 was not an easy one. With Axactor we found a company with an excellent knowledge of the market. For us it was important that the buyer made a clear commitment to the location, the employees and the management of ALTOR in Heidelberg. We feel certain, that Axactor will ensure the future success of ALTOR and continue our lifetime achievement."

Endret 30.09.2016 08:58 av OldNick
08:49 30.09.2016

PwC Deals acted as sole Strategic and Financial Advisor to the transaction.

Closing of the transaction is expected by the end of September.

About Axactor
Axactor Group is a debt collection and debt purchase company, currently operating in Italy, Norway and Spain. The company has a Nordic base and an ambitious Pan-European growth strategy, which targets the market for non-performing loans (NPL) in Europe. This market is estimated to be about EUR 1,500 billion, and Axactor's main focus is debt collection and purchase of NPL portfolios. With the purchase of ALTOR and herewith the entry into the very important German market we will operate with a workforce of more than 900 employees.

The ALTOR Group unites the companies around Heidelberger Inkasso GmbH which was founded back in 1980, to form one of Germany's largest independent service providers in the field of debt collection/debt purchasing. ALTOR has a special expertise in the banking sector, for utility companies and e-commerce. When it comes to liquidity ALTOR covers the entire life cycle of customer relationships - from early intervention through to the handling and purchase of non-performing loans. Innovative and customer tailored services, committed and highly qualified staff, a state-of-the-art and secure infrastructure and reliable partners are just some of the tools ALTOR uses to achieve mutual success.

CEO Axactor: Endre Rangnes, Tel. +47 4822 1111, E-mail: endre.rangnes@axactor.com
CFO/IR Axactor: Geir Johansen, Tel. +47 4771 0451, E-mail: geir.johansen@axactor.com
CEO ALTOR: Doris Pleil, Tel. +49 6221 987 750, E-Mail: doris.pleil@altor-group.com

Endret 30.09.2016 08:50 av OldNick
13:23 30.09.2016

Rett og slett imponerende.
15:51 03.10.2016

2 flaggemeldinger i AXA idag.

AXA: Flaggemelding Axactor ASA


Fond forvaltet av Storebrand Asset Management har den 03.oktober kjøpt 11 575 859 aksjer i Axactor AB. Etter kjøpet eier fondene 48 625 217 aksjer, tilsvarende 5,14 % av aksjekapitalen i selskapet, basert på et aksjeantall på 946 488 769.

Den siste er mest interessant, fra CEO selv, som fik kursen til å "ta av" i ettermiddag.

AXA: Axactor AB - Mandatory Notification of Trade


Oslo - CEO of the Company Endre Rangnes has today through his 100% owned company Alpette AS purchased 2 788 244 shares in the Company at an average price of 2.5105 per share. After this transaction Mr. Rangnes controls 15 338 244 shares in the Company.

In addition Susanne Lene R. Schneider, who is a related party to Mr. Endre Rangnes, has today purchased 398 320 shares at an average price of 2.5105 per share. After this transaction Mrs. Schneider controls 398 320 shares in the Company.

Oppdatert aksjonæroversikt - 20 største:

Investor, Number of shares, % of top 20, % of total, Type, Country
TVENGE TORSTEIN INGVALD, 42 500 000, 9.14%, 4.49%, Priv., NOR
ARCTIC FUNDS PLC, 38 237 195, 8.22%, 4.04%, Comp., IRL
SOLAN CAPITAL AS, 36 000 000, 7.74%, 3.80%, Comp., NOR
SWEDBANK GENERATOR, 25 762 056, 5.54%, 2.72%, Comp., NOR
VERDIPAPIRFONDET ALFRED BERG NORGE, 24 918 370, 5.36%, 2.63%, Comp., NOR
SKANDINAVISKA ENSKILDA BANKEN S.A., 24 848 159, 5.34%, 2.63%, Nom., LUX
VERDIPAPIRFONDET HANDELSBANKEN, 24 651 801, 5.30%, 2.61%, Comp., NOR
LOPEZ SANCHEZ ANDRES, 22 902 500, 4.92%, 2.42%, Priv., ESP
MARTIN IBEAS DAVID, 22 902 500, 4.92%, 2.42%, Priv., ESP
NOMURA INTERNATIONAL PLC, 22 550 096, 4.85%, 2.38%, Nom., GBR
VERDIPAPIRFONDET ALFRED BERG GAMBA, 22 420 426, 4.82%, 2.37%, Comp., NOR
DNB NOR MARKETS, AKSJEHAND/ANALYSE, 22 389 465, 4.81%, 2.37%, Comp., NOR
GVEPSEBORG AS, 20 364 945, 4.38%, 2.15%, Comp., NOR
SPENCER TRADING INC, 20 000 000, 4.30%,2.11%,Comp.,LBR
STATOIL PENSJON, 18 344 092, 3.94%, 1.94%, Comp., NOR
ELTEK HOLDING AS, 17 600 000, 3.78%, 1.86%, Comp., NOR
NORDNET LIVSFORSIKRING AS, 15 333 140, 3.30%, 1.62%, Comp., NOR
STOREBRAND VEKST, 15 157 615, 3.26%, 1.60%, Comp., NOR
MOHN STEIN, 14 290 013, 3.07%, 1.51%, Priv., NOR
FURUSET KJØPESENTER HOLDING AS, 13 900 000, 2.99%, 1.47%, Comp., NOR

Total number owned by top 20: 465 072 373, 100%, 49.15%
Total number of shares: 946 302 155, 100%

Last updated: 03.10.2016
16:06 03.10.2016

I kategorien 'meget overbevisende innsidekjøp' er det der ganske heftig.

Han satt med en utrolig fin inngang fra før, og så øker han så mye nå.
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