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Targovax- et spennende farma-selskap
10:04 28.06.2017

Stoppet ut i dag tidlig.
10:35 29.09.2017

Ikke noe moro med TRVX etter siste innlegg. Siger nedover.
14:01 11.12.2017

TRVX med børsmelding i dag:

"Oslo, Norway, 11 December 2017 - Targovax ASA (OSE: TRVX), a clinical stage company focused on developing immuno-oncology therapies to target solid tumors, announces that clinical trials investigating ONCOS-102 in the treatment of melanoma and mesothelioma have successfully passed their respective first, planned, independent safety reviews. These are the first studies to investigate ONCOS-102 in combination with other drugs.

The safety reviews of ONCOS-102 in the first four patients in the melanoma trial and first three patients in the mesothelioma trial have been completed without any safety concerns. The review reports conclude that, to date, ONCOS-102 has been well-tolerated in combination with either checkpoint inhibitor (KEYTRUDA®), or chemotherapy (pemetrexed/cisplatin), and both trials were recommended to be continued by the study-specific safety committees.

The melanoma trial is an open-label phase I trial exploring the safety, immune activation and clinical response of sequential treatment with ONCOS-102 and the checkpoint inhibitor KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab, an anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody) in patients with advanced or unresectable melanoma, whose tumors have continued to grow despite checkpoint inhibitor therapy. The goal of the trial is to investigate whether the immune system of patients, who have already failed to respond to checkpoint inhibitors, can be reactivated by priming with ONCOS-102 and whether this reactivation enables them to respond to subsequent retreatment with a checkpoint inhibitor.

The mesothelioma trial is a randomized phase II, open-label, multi-center trial with a phase Ib safety lead-in of ONCOS-102 and standard of care pemetrexed/cisplatin (chemotherapy) in patients with unresectable malignant pleural mesothelioma. The trial will include six patients in a lead-in to evaluate safety, followed by a randomized part of the trial to compare the combination treatment with the standard of care chemotherapy.

Dr Magnus Jäderberg, CMO of Targovax, said: "We are pleased that the first combination trials of ONCOS-102 have passed the initial safety reviews without any issues. As such, ONCOS-102 appears to be well-tolerated in combination with both checkpoint inhibition and chemotherapy, and we can proceed with the trials as planned. Our plan now is to evaluate immune responses in the first subset of patients".

Immune response data readout schedule

Over the coming weeks and months, Targovax expects to release immune response data in a subset of patients for these two trials, in addition to the TG02 RAS neo-antigen vaccine trial in colorectal cancer, according to the following schedule:

In December: TG02 in colorectal cancer
In January: ONCOS-102 in melanoma
In February: ONCOS-102 in mesothelioma"
19:40 11.12.2017

Et steg i riktig retning også for TRVX nå. Potensialet er stort, og de neste to månedene blir spennende.
10:18 09.01.2018

Ser ut som om flere begynner å få opp øynene for TRVX etterhvert. Selskapet holder stø kurs mot himmelen med flere gode meldinger i det siste, selv om kursen har vært bedrøvelig en stund.
07:25 07.02.2018

Oslo, Norway, 7 February 2018 - Targovax ASA (OSE: TRVX), a clinical stage company focused on developing immuno-oncology therapies to target solid tumors, today announces completion of the safety lead-in cohort and preliminary immune activation data in the phase I/II trial of ONCOS-102 in mesothelioma in combination with standard of care chemotherapy.

The trial is a randomized phase I/II open label trial, with a six-patient safety lead-in cohort, of ONCOS-102 and pemetrexed/cisplatin, the current standard of care chemotherapy, in 1st and 2nd line patients with unresectable malignant pleural mesothelioma. The trial aims to assess safety, tumor targeted immune activation and clinical benefit of the combination of ONCOS-102 and chemotherapy compared to chemotherapy alone.

The independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) have now reviewed all six patients in the safety lead-in cohort of the trial. No concerns were raised, and the DSMB have recommended that the randomized part of the trial can be initiated, with recruitment of another 24 patients.

In addition, early immune activation has been assessed for a subset of the patients. Systemic release of several pro-inflammatory cytokines was observed (3/3 patients analyzed), demonstrating that the treatment triggers an innate immune response. Also, there was an increase in the relative level of tumor infiltrating cytotoxic CD8+ T-cells (2/2 patients with pre- and post-treatment biopsies analyzed), indicating an activation of the adaptive immune system in the lesions. These data are important, as they show that the treatment of ONCOS-102 in combination with chemotherapy induces both innate and adaptive immune activation in patients, as well as triggering changes in the tumor microenvironment, which indicate that the tumors may become susceptible to an attack by the immune system.

Magnus Jäderberg, CMO of Targovax, said: "We are very pleased that the safety lead-in cohort was completed without any concerns, and that we now can move into the randomized part of the trial. The systemic and lesional immune activation are in line with what we saw in the mesothelioma patients from our phase I trial, in which there was an associated clinical response. It will therefore be interesting to follow what clinical benefits may be seen in the subsequent randomized part of the ongoing trial."
12:40 21.02.2018

Merch kjøper det australske immunterapi-selskapet Viralytics. Oppkjøpsbølgen i bransjen er voldsom og det slutter nok ikke der. Bare i januar ble det gjort oppkjøp og fusjoner tilsvarende 27,5 milliarder USD i biotech-bransjen. NANO og Targovax er begge hete kandidater for de store internasjonale selskapene.
20:04 18.04.2018

Spennende tider med mange oppkjøp i bransjen, og snart tid for readouts i TRVX. Flere her som følger denne?
20:47 18.04.2018

Jeg har en liten post, men er i solid minus. Har tre pharma, men ikke Bergenbio. Går en, veier gevinsten tapet opp i de alle med god margin. Dette er lotto for meg. Jeg skjønner ikke bæra av hva de sier. Og burde kanskje skjønt. Men jeg vet vi trenger medisiner som funnker. Derav innsatsen. Noen vinner jo, men dauer alle tilslutt.
20:56 18.04.2018

Grei oppsummering det oge :-) Jeg har noe i TRVX og litt i NANO, har mest tro på førstnevnte.

Endret 18.04.2018 20:56 av driller
08:53 02.05.2018

Targovax melder i dag at de har sett lovende resultater fra sin fase I/II test av ONCOS-102 i mesothelioma, i kombinasjon med standard kjemoterapi. De opplyser at det ble observert klinisk respons hos tre av de seks første pasientene:

Oslo, Norway, 2 May 2018 - Targovax ASA (OSE: TRVX), a clinical stage company focused on developing immuno-oncology therapies to target solid tumors, today announces encouraging results from its phase I/II trial of ONCOS-102 in mesothelioma, in combination with standard of care chemotherapy, in which clinical responses were observed in three out of the first six patients.

The trial is a randomized phase I/II open label trial, with a six-patient safety lead-in cohort, of ONCOS-102 and pemetrexed/cisplatin, the current standard of care chemotherapy, in patients with unresectable malignant pleural mesothelioma.

The aim of the trial is to assess safety and tolerability, immunological activation and overall response rate of the combination of ONCOS-102 and chemotherapy compared to chemotherapy alone. In February, Targovax reported that the independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) had assessed the safety data from the lead-in cohort, and recommended the trial continue into the randomized phase without modifications. In addition, innate and adaptive immune activation was observed in the first patients analyzed.

Now, overall response rate has been evaluated for all six patients in the safety cohort after six months. Three out of the six patients (50%) responded, with one patient showing a partial response and two patients showing stable disease, according to the Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors guidelines, RECIST 1.1.

All patients in the safety cohort received ONCOS-102 and chemotherapy combination treatment either as 1st line (three patients), or after previous treatment (three patients, 2nd/3rd line). Two out of three patients in 1st line responded, and one of three patients that had received previous treatment responded.

Based on this early signal of efficacy, and the previous DSMB recommendation, recruitment into the randomized part of the trial is now underway. The trial will include 30 patients when fully recruited, with 20 patients in the experimental group (including the safety cohort) and 10 patients in the control group.

Dr. Luis Paz-Ares, Chair of the Medical Oncology Department at the University Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid and Principal Investigator of the trial said: "Mesothelioma is a challenging disease to treat, with few patients surviving beyond 12 months from diagnosis. The three clinical responses observed in the safety lead-in cohort of the ONCOS-102 trial are encouraging. We look forward to entering the randomized part of the trial which will further evaluate the potential of this novel, innovative treatment to benefit more patients in the future."

Magnus Jäderberg, CMO of Targovax, added: " We are very pleased to have completed the safety part of the study, with the DSMB giving us approval to open up the randomized part and start recruiting patients. This is the first time clinical response has been observed for ONCOS-102 in combination with chemotherapy, which is an important milestone for Targovax and the ONCOS program. It will now be interesting to see if this early signal of efficacy is confirmed in the randomized part of the study."
13:47 24.05.2018

Targovax har sendt ut en ny positiv melding i dag - aksjen er i skrivende stund opp 16,13 % til 18,00:

24.05.2018, 12:49:44 Targovax strengthens 2-year survival rate in resected pancreatic cancer with TG01 Median overall survival was 33.4 months compared to 27.6 months in the ESPAC4 trial

An optimized dosing regimen has now been defined for the planned randomized trial.

Oslo, Norway, 24 May 2018 - Targovax ASA ("Targovax" or "the Company"; OSE:
TRVX), a clinical stage company focused on developing immuno-oncology therapies
to target solid tumors, today announces the completion of the 32-patient phase
I/II clinical trial evaluating TG01 in resected pancreatic cancer in combination
with standard of care chemotherapy (gemcitabine). Median overall survival (mOS)
for all 32 patients was 33.4 months, which is nearly six months better than the
mOS of 27.6 months for gemcitabine alone reported in the recent ESPAC4 trial(1).

The trial enrolled a total of 32 patients, split in two patient cohorts
receiving different dosing regimens. The first cohort consists of 19 patients,
receiving TG01 injections, before, during and after adjuvant chemotherapy
treatment. In February 2017, two-year survival rate of 68% (13/19 patients) and
mOS of 33.1 months was reported for this cohort.

The second cohort consists of 13 patients on a reduced dosing regimen, with TG01
injections before and after, but not during, chemotherapy treatment. Two-year
survival rate in the second cohort was 77% (10/13 patients), higher than the 68%
two-year survival rate reported for the first cohort in 2017, as well as
published historical rate of 30-53% for gemcitabine. Median OS in the second
cohort has not yet been reached. The dosing regimen used in the second cohort
was well tolerated and will be used for continued development.

When combining the results from the two cohorts, mOS for all 32 patients was
33.4 months, strengthening the previously reported signal of clinical efficacy
of TG01 treatment in combination with chemotherapy. Targovax will seek to
continue to monitor the treated patients in order to assess long-term survival.

Summarizing the top-line data for the 32 patients in this phase I/II trial, the
following was observed:

· Median overall survival (mOS) was 33.4 months
· 94% of patients (30/32) were alive one year after surgery
· 72% of patients (23/32) were alive two years after surgery
· 90% of patients (29/32) demonstrated mutant RAS-specific immune activation

The full data set, including immune monitoring, will be further analyzed and
presented at a relevant scientific conference.

Professor Daniel H. Palmer, University of Liverpool Cancer Research UK
Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, Liverpool, United Kingdom and lead
investigator of the study, commented:

"Pancreatic cancer is a highly malignant, difficult to treat disease and there
is a significant need for innovative new treatment approaches. The results from
this study are promising and demonstrate that TG01 is generally well tolerated
in combination with gemcitabine. We observe a high level of mutant RAS-specific
immune activation, and the observed survival rate is encouraging compared
with chemotherapy alone. It will now be important to assess the clinical
efficacy of the TG01 and standard of care combination treatment in a randomized
setting, and we look forward to take part in the development of this innovative
immunotherapy going forward".

Øystein Soug, Chief Executive Officer of Targovax commented:

"These more mature survival data represent another important milestone for
Targovax. The high rate of immune activation, combined with the encouraging
survival data which compares well with the large ESPAC4 trial, further
strengthens our belief that our mutant RAS neoantigen vaccine has potential to
be a promising new treatment approach in combating mutant RAS tumors, which
constitutes up to 30% of all cancers."

(1) Neoptolemos JP et al.; The Lancet; 389:1011-1024 (2017)

About the study

CTTG01-01 is an open label phase I/II trial of TG01/GM-CSF in combination with
gemcitabine as adjuvant therapy for treating patients with resected
adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. The main objectives of the trail are an
assessment of safety and immune activation. The secondary objective is to assess
efficacy (disease-free survival and overall survival) at two years. The Company
has received consent to enable the reporting of overall survival for all
patients in the trial. The trial has been conducted in four centres in the UK
and Norway.

The first cohort of 19 patients each received up to 36 injections of TG01/GM
-CSF, before, during and after six cycles of gemcitabine. The second cohort
consists of 13 patients, who received up to 15 injections of TG01/GM-CSF before
and after, but not during, gemcitabine treatment. Overall, the treatment is well
tolerated in both dosing regimens. Although manageable, some allergic reactions
were seen in patients in the first cohort when treating with TG01 and
gemcitabine in parallel. No such allergic reactions were seen in the second

TG01 is Targovax's lead product candidate from its mutRAS neoantigen cancer
vaccine program. The product is an injectable peptide-based immunotherapy
designed to treat patients with mutant RAS solid tumors. RAS mutations are the
most frequently found oncogenic mutations in cancer overall, and are associated
with poor prognosis. Published data suggests that more than 90% of pancreatic
cancer patients have mutant RAS.
07:06 25.05.2018

Mer spennende på gang:

May 24, 2018
Source: Press Release

SOTIO, a biotechnology company owned by the PPF Group, announces today that the first patient was enrolled to the SP015 clinical trial of a combination of DCVAC/PCa, an active cellular immunotherapy, and ONCOS-102, an immune-priming engineered human serotype 5 adenovirus, for patients with prostate cancer. The trial is planned for the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. SOTIO is collaborating with Targovax,a clinical stage immuno-oncology company developing ONCOS-102.

The first patient has been enrolled in the clinical trial SP015 by the principal investigator Dr. Ladislav Jarolím at Motol University Hospital (Prague, Czech Republic). Patients’ recruitment is planned also in the UK. It is the first time that a clinical trial combining cellular immunotherapy based on dendritic cells with an oncolytic virus therapy is realized by a biotechnology company in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

SP015 (Eudra CT: 2015-004314-15) is a Phase I/II, single-arm clinical trial to evaluate the safety and immune activation of the combination of DCVAC/PCa, an active cellular immunotherapy, and ONCOS-102, an immune-priming adenovirus, in men with advanced metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. In total up to 15 patients are planned to be enrolled into the trial. The trial builds on the hypothesis that ONCOS-102 may enhance the anti-tumor immune responses generated by dendritic cells loaded with tumor antigens and thus help the immune system to overcome evasion strategies employed by tumors.

Radek Spisek, CEO of SOTIO, said: “By combining an autologous active cellular therapy with an oncolytic virus, we had to overcome various regulatory and operational challenges. We are very happy to have succeeded in initiating such a complex trial, the first of its kind ever conducted in the Czech Republic and the CEE region. The SP015 clinical trial will help us to gather critical evidence necessary to develop innovative immunotherapies for the treatment of a cancer that threatens 1 in 5 men globally.”

Ludek Sojka, Chief Operating Officer of SOTIO, said: “SP015 will examine the safety and efficacy of combining our active cellular immunotherapy with a promising adenovirus-based product. We believe the results of this study will move us closer to developing new therapy combinations that produce synergistic effects and bring clear benefits to patients. The use of an oncolytic virus in the treatment of cancer was previously successfully tested in different cancer indications and we hope to broaden the portfolio of indications in future.”

About DCVAC/PCa:

DCVAC/PCa was the first SOTIO product to enter clinical research. SOTIO DCVAC/PCa is an active cellular immunotherapy treatment for prostate cancer patients; DCVAC/PCa is produced individually for each patient using the patient’s own dendritic cells (that are part of the immune system), to induce an immune reaction against tumor antigens. SOTIO has been sponsoring five Phase II clinical trials and one global Phase III (VIABLE) clinical trial in patients with prostate cancer. Other Phase II and Phase I/II clinical trials with products using the same dendritic cells based platform (DCVAC) are conducted in ovarian cancer and lung cancer indications.

About Targovax and ONCOS-102:

Targovax is a clinical stage company focused on developing and commercializing novel immuno-oncology therapies to target, primarily, treatment-resistant solid tumors. The company's development pipeline is based on two novel proprietary platforms. The first platform, ONCOS, uses oncolytic viruses as potential multi-target, neo-antigen therapeutic cancer vaccines. ONCOS uses an adenovirus that has been engineered to be an immune activator that selectively targets cancer cells. The second platform, TG, are neo-antigen cancer vaccines designed to specifically treat tumors that express mutated forms of the RAS protein. The Targovax development pipeline has three novel therapeutic candidates in clinical development covering six indications.

ONCOS-102 is the lead adenovirus-based pipeline product of Targovax – a purposefully engineered human serotype 5 adenovirus optimized to induce systemic anti-tumor T cell responses in cancer patients. Targovax has completed a Phase I clinical study with this product and continues to test it in further combination clinical trials in several solid tumor indications.

14:22 26.05.2018

Se gjerne på denne

Interessant at Targovax nevnes som et av de hotteste selskapene for investorer (fra ca 8:40 og utover)
Dette ble spilt inn tidligere i mai, før de siste resultatene.
21:47 11.06.2018

11.06.2018, 19:41:14 Targovax strengthens focus on ONCOS oncolytic virus development program

Recent clinical data is driving increased interest in the industry for oncolytic
viruses as an emerging class of cancer therapeutics

Development of Targovax lead product, ONCOS-102, to be prioritized in
mesothelioma as launch indication as well as checkpoint inhibitor combinations
in cold tumors


Conference call

The company will host a conference call which will include a Q&A session. CEO
Øystein Soug, CMO Magnus Jäderberg and CFO Erik Digman Wiklund will host the
conference call. Call in details can be found below:

Date: Tuesday 12 June 2018
Time: 08:30 CET
Call-in numbers:
Norway: +47 2100 2610
Sweden: +46 (0)8 5033 6574
UK +44 (0)330 336 9105
US: +1 323-794-2423
International: +44 (0)330 336 9105
Access code: 9281577
Please make sure to dial in at least 5-10 minutes ahead to complete your


Oslo, Norway, 11 June 2018: Targovax ASA ("Targovax" or "the Company"; OSE:
TRVX), a clinical stage company focused on developing and commercializing immune
activating oncology therapies to target, primarily, treatment resistant solid
tumors, today announces an update to its clinical development strategy.

Targovax has previously reported encouraging proof-of-concept data from clinical
trials with both of its immune activator platforms technologies; ONCOS, which
uses genetically armed oncolytic adenoviruses, and TG, a neo-antigen vaccine
that targets mutant RAS cancers. However, based on recent external clinical data
and market dynamics, Targovax has decided to prioritize and strengthen the
development focus on the ONCOS program.

Over the past 12 months, there has been clinical data released from multiple
external studies corroborating the potential of oncolytic viruses as an
important class of immune activating agents that can boost the effect of other
treatments, such as checkpoint inhibitors. This notion is further strengthened
by increased partnering and M&A activity by major global pharmaceutical
companies, underscored by the acquisitions earlier this year of Viralytics and
Benevir by Merck and Johnson & Johnson, respectively.

Furthermore, data presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
annual meeting on June 1-5 has fundamentally changed the development
preconditions for the TG program. Data from independent trials testing the
chemotherapy cocktail Folfirinox in resected pancreas cancer, the lead
indication for TG01, has demonstrated an improvement in median overall survival
of up to 2 years compared to the current standard of care (gemcitabine and
capecitabine). These results are great news for patients suffering from this
difficult-to-treat cancer. It is expected that the Folfirinox treatment regimen
will be quickly adopted as a new standard of care in resected pancreatic cancer,
and it is already clear that that the design of Targovax's planned randomized
phase II trial of TG01 in combination with gemcitabine and capecitabine is
inadequate and that the trial will not start. Although we are confident that
TG01 will be active in combination with any standard of care therapy, the new
Folfirinox median survival benchmark of close to 5 years means that such a
combination trial is not practically feasible for Targovax.

Targovax strongly believes in the potential of the TG platform to treat mutant
RAS cancers, and is encouraged by the signal of efficacy seen in the recent
phase I/II trial in resected pancreas cancer. In addition, the company already
has a phase I trial underway in colorectal cancer with TG02, the second
-generation product from the TG program, combining with pembrolizumab. This
trial is expected to read out in 2019. In light of the new Folfirinox data, the
Company will together with its clinical advisors reevaluate and reshape the
development plans for TG, and devise a strategy for how to best create value for
both patients and shareholders. A revised development strategy for the TG
program will be presented during the autumn.

The resources freed up by this decision will be allocated to strengthen and
speed up ONCOS development. In particular, Targovax is currently looking into
options to expand the ongoing trial in mesothelioma, the target launch
indication for ONCOS-102.

Øystein Soug, CEO of Targovax said "It is fortunate for us that the emerging
Folfirinox data in resected pancreatic cancer was presented at ASCO already this
year, as it gave us the opportunity to reassess our trial design before
committing to an inadequate combination treatment. We are confident that our TG
vaccine has potential to benefit patients with mutant RAS cancers, and will now
reassess the TG development plan. ONCOS continues to be our lead program, and we
will further sharpen our focus to drive ONCOS-102 forward with full force, and
remain in the forefront of oncolytic virus development"

22:04 11.06.2018

Tipper det er styret eller noen store aksjonærer (Healthcap) som har bjeffet litt og bedt Targovax satse pengene på den hotteste av de to veiene til suksess. Fornuftig løsning, og spennende å høre hva de sier i morgen.
12:44 12.06.2018

re. driller #10557,

Det er vel ikke særlig positivt at en konkurrent har et produkt som utkonkurrerer en av Targovax' produkter?

Biotek-aksje stuper etter studiestans: Fremtiden ser mindre lovende ut

Legemiddelselskapet Targovax må sette en planlagt studie på vent etter internasjonal cellegiftnyhet. Aksjen faller kraftig på økt usikkerhet

Anders P. Framstad, E24.no

Det var duket for en aldri så liten overraskelse på årsmøtet til Den amerikanske foreningen for klinisk onkologi, som ble avholdt i starten av juni.

Her ble det lagt frem to studier som viser svært lovende resultater for kjemoterapibehandlingen Folfirinox – såpass sterke resultater at Folfirinox ser ut til å danke ut konkurrentene og innta rollen som standard behandling.

Dette påvirker det norske selskapet Targovax, som har utviklet en vaksine for pasienter med operert kreft i bukspyttkjertelen (TG01).

Det neste skrittet for Targovax skulle være en større studie av denne vaksinen, kombinert med standard kjemoterapi. Når sistnevnte nå ser ut til å endres, gir det krøll i planene til Targovax.

– Det betyr at den studien vi var i ferd med å starte enten ville vært i kombinasjon med feil kjemoterapi, eller at den måtte blitt endret. Men dersom vi skulle endret kjemococtailen ville det kanskje tatt seks-syv år før vi fikk data, og det ville vært lite attraktivt, sier konsernsjef Øystein Soug til E24.

Mindre lovende

Studien er dermed satt på vent, fremtiden er usikker, og dette påvirker verdsettelsen av selskapet. Targovax-aksjen har falt rundt 18,5 prosent til 13,56 kroner så langt i dagens handel på Oslo Børs.

– For TG-programmet, eller i hvert fall for TG01, ser fremtiden mindre lovende ut. De skal jo starte forfra med TG01, hvor de ikke vil forfølge bukspyttkjertelkreft, sier analytiker Andrew Carlsen i ABG Sundal Collier.

Targovax arbeider med to separate programmer, TG og den virusbaserte vaksinen Oncos. Når det gjelder førstnevnte har selskapet en pågående studie av vaksinen for pasienter med tarmkreft (TG02), der det er ventet resultater i 2019.

– TG02 vil jeg ikke helt avskrive. Såfremt det kommer noen lovende signaler fra studien av tykktarmskreft, så vil de nok forfølge dette. Men TG01 ser mindre lovende ut p.t., sier Carlsen.

Vil ta tid

I børsmeldingen Targovax sendte ut i går kveld, fremgikk det at selskapet vil satse mer på Oncos-programmet.

– Det skjer mye innenfor onkologiske virus. Etterspørsel er stor, som følge av at det er mye god data som har kommet ut den siste tiden. Det er en viktig drivkraft bak den strategiendringen vi nå har gjort. Vi fokuserer på en klasse med medikamenter som mange tror kommer til å bli viktig i fremtiden, nemlig virus, sier Soug.

Han forteller at det ikke er avgjort hva som blir det neste skrittet i TG-programmet, men understreker at selskapet har gode resultater.

– Vi må nå vurdere hvordan vi best skal ta dette videre, og det vil ta tid før vi kommer opp med en ny plan for TG-vaksinen. Men vi setter ingenting på vent, unntatt denne ene studien. Vi skal revurdere utover høsten, så finner vi ut hva som er det mest fornuftige skrittet å ta, sier han.

Varsler nedrevidering

Sett fra et verdsettelsesperspektiv, har Andrew Carlsen i ABG ligget inne med verdier i både TG- og Oncos-plattformen.

– Oncos har stor verdi såfremt det viser effekt på hudkreft, som er en meget stor indikasjon. Det er stor konkurranse innenfor dette feltet, men om studiene viser forbedret virkning har det stort potensial, sier han.

– Jeg hadde tilskrevet TG01 relativt stor verdi, fordi det var det mest fremskredne prosjektet. Nå stopper det, og det har selvfølgelig en påvirkning på oppfattelsen av verdien av TG-plattformen. TG02 har vi fortsatt ikke sett hva kan gjøre, sier analytikeren.

Carlsen sier at det «selvfølgelig» har betydning for verdsettelsen at Targovax nå stopper TG01, men har ikke rukket å oppdatere sine estimater da E24 snakker med ham.

– Det er for tidlig å uttale seg om, også på grunn av usikkerheten om TG01 er terminert eller ei. Det er det store spørsmålet, sier dansken.

ABG Sundal Collier hadde før gårsdagens nyhet en verdsettelse på 24 kroner per aksje på Targovax, hvorav rundt 10 kroner på TG01.
15:31 13.06.2018

I starten av juni ble det presentert studieresultater fra en gammel cellegiftkombinasjon, Folfirinox, som viste en forbedret overlevelse med nesten to år for pasienter med opererbar bukspyttkjertelkreft.

Targovax planla en en kombinasjonsstudie med GemCap, den cellegift-kombinasjonen som brukes som standard behandling i dag. Denne er nå altså blitt utkonkurrert og Targovax varsler dermed at de legger ned studien.

Selskapet vil nå flytte flere ressurser over på den andre programmet det jobber med, Oncos-102, og studien på den virusbaserte kreftbehandlingen. (FA, Xi)

Kursen falt 21 prosent i går etter nyheten.

DNB Markets har etter gårsdagens nyhet gjentatt kjøp av Targovax, men kuttet kursmålet fra 31 til 21 kr.
13:05 19.06.2018

Targovax har fått EU-patent for sin vaksine TG02, som stimulerer immunsystemet til kreftpasienter med RAS-muterte svulster:

19/06-2018 09:53:55: (TRVX) Targovax granted EU Patent for mutant-RAS neoantigen platform 2nd generation product TG02

Provides IP protection of TG02 in Europe until 09.12.2033

Oslo, 19 June 2018: Targovax ASA ("Targovax" or "the Company"; OSE: TRVX), is a
clinical stage company focused on developing and commercializing immune
activators to target hard to treat solid tumors, announces that the European
Patent Office has granted European Patent no 3079715, A Peptide mixture. The
patent protects the composition of Targovax's mutant-RAS specific neoantigen
vaccine TG02, for stimulating the immune system of cancer patients with RAS
mutated tumors.

Targovax's proprietary mutant-RAS neoantigen vaccine platform is designed to
treat patients with tumors harboring RAS mutations. Mutations in the RAS genes
are a driving cause of cancer development and progression, and is linked to poor
prognosis. By inducing an anti-mutant-RAS specific immune response, the TG
products have the potential to delay disease progression and increase survival,
with a favorable safety profile compared to chemotherapy and many other
treatment options.

TG02 expands the coverage of RAS mutations beyond TG01, and is targeting all
relevant RAS exon 2 oncogenic point mutations which are found in the vast
majority of all RAS mutated cancers. Currently, TG02 is being tested in an
exploratory Phase Ib clinical trial in patients with locally recurrent
RAS-mutated colorectal cancer in combination with the checkpoint inhibitor
KEYTRUDA® (clinical study CT TG02-01). This study will provide important
clinical data on the safety, immune activation and mechanism of action of TG02.

Jon Amund Eriksen, inventor of the TG technology and Co-founder of Targovax,
said: "We are glad to see the European patent for TG02 being granted, further
strengthening Targovax's intellectual property portfolio covering the very
important mutant-RAS trunk neoantigens. RAS is mutated in 20-30% of all cancers,
and this 2nd generation product from the TG platform puts Targovax in a position
to address an important unmet medical need, which could eventually benefit all
RAS mutated cancer patients."
12:47 12.07.2018

Targovax har sammen med SOTIO dosert første pasient med ONCOS-102 i SP015 fase I/II av kliniske tester på pasienter med prostatakreft, ifølge en børsmelding torsdag.
11:01 15.07.2018

Ny studie igang i samarbeid med AstraZeneca og Ludwig Cancer Research

Her vil AZ ha tilgang til resultatene før andre BP. Dette er en pasientgruppe hvor alt annet har vært prøvd, og virker dette er ikke Targovax et selvstendig selskap noe særlig lenge.
17:13 27.08.2018

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10:34 29.08.2018

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10:15 12.09.2018

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15:34 15.10.2018

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