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Crown Energy - NGM Equity

11:50 01.03.2013

Hej, på grund av undermålig norska kommer jag att skriva på engelska.

Crown Energy
This is an Oil and Gas company in the exploration and prospecting phase.

Pretty much the CEO (former CEO of Pa Resources) is trying to do what went good in his last company and minimizing the risks thereafter. Pa Resources were very successfull in finding oil which left a positive mark on the stock chart (See 5 yr history http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/chart?symbol=PAR.ST ) . Afterwards financial troubles ensued.

The goal in Crown Energy is to find and confirm prospects and then sell them. At this given moment the company is noted at NGM Equity and needs a little bit more activity.

I've talked to the CEO (Ulrik Jansson) after a company presentation and he gave me a good impression. They consider their stock to be under valued given their assets and are working on attracting more stock holders. Right now the spread is pretty large which means that more stock holders = a large raise in the share price. If you invest in the right time you can make a trade only off of this..

Company website: http://crownenergy.se/en/start
There's a Swedish version of it as well.

This is of course a high risk share, like all prospecting companies. From that aspect it is also valued low when looking at other prospecting companies and their assets' reflection in their respective share price.

I own a few of these shares but await a larger volume of sales. This is why I'm informing you about this company, pretty much. I linked the website so you can make your own judgement.

One thing worth noting is that the CEO himself has invested a lot of his own money into this. If things turns bad for the stock holders things turns even worse for him.

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