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Genie Energy NYSE huge potential #1
22:03 18.03.2013

Huge Potential , strong cash liquidity, profitable, strong growth, impressive investors and advisary board.

Company name Genie Energy listed at NYSE
Marcet Cap 180 million dollars
Cash funds approximately 93 million dollars

A summary below followed by articles and interviews to get a better picture of the company Genie Energy and its
huge potential.

The charmain and founder of Genie Energy Howard Jonas has even compared its future potential valuation compared to Exxon
and says if the projects suceed the company could one day be valued to half of Exxons market cap
Just as an indication of its potential ofcourse and not to be seen as a current valuation estimate.
Have 40 Billion barrels of shale oil in its concession in Israel and about 10 Billion barrels in Colorado, the later
together with Total.

The parent company Genie Energy is a retail energy provider in the USA and had revenues of 230 million dollars last year
and grew 49.9 percent Q4 2012 compared to Q4 2011. Showed a couple of millions in profit for the quarter and full year.
This buissness is what is generally known of the company. Just above mentioned buissness and cash justify the marketcap.
But the the most interesting about Genie Energy that not so many people know is its subsidaries were its huge potential lie.

Genie Energy owns 89 % of Genie Oil and Gas (GOGAS)( the other 11 percent is owned by Rochild and Murdoch surely well known to most of you)
and its subsidiaries that makes the enourmous potential.
GOGAS fully owns IEI with its 40 billion barrels potential shale oil concession in Israel and 50 percent of AMSO with its 10 billion
potential shale oil concession in Colorado. The other 50% is owned by French Total.

The pilot project is up and running in Colorado since beginning of March, will last for 6 months before evaluation
French Total pays for the whole oil pilot shale project and AMSO provides the expertise for it. Commerssial producion in large
scale is many years ahead though.

In Israel IEI awaits the final permission to start the pilot project will probably start in a few months from now.
In the concession there are one of the 2 best oil shale concessions in the world and they have choosen the best location in
Israel. In that concession there are as mention potential for about 40 billion barrels of shale oil.

The main problem with oil shale projects is the groundwater that goes in diffrent layers in the oil shale, this problem
doesnt exist in their concession in Israel that is very common in most oil shale areas like in Colorado USA.

They estimate the production cost per barrel will be about 35-40 dollars at commerciell production.

Genie Energy also has probably the best and most expirienced chief scient geologist by name Harold Vinegar in the whole oil shale
buissness. Held the same position in Shell before he left for IEI and holds about 260 patents in the area.

There are definitely some heavy names when it comes to the major share holders in the company or how about Rupert Murdoch,
Lord Jacob Rotschild and Michael Steinhardt.
In the advisaryboard the above is included but also George Bush former vice president Dick Cheney and former
senior vice president for Exxon and other big names.
That also goes for the Israeli front figures in Israel of GOGAS and IEI that will help them gett the concessions and permits for
current and new concessions.

Recently Genie Energy was awarded a concession for oil and gas in Golan Heights (21st Feb 2013) which is a disputed area
since its an occupied Syrian territory in most countries point of view (Israel took it back 1967). The area hasnt been prospected
for over 20 years at that time they only found a couple of million barrels of oil to be in the area before Israel no longer
permitted prospecting in the area due to political reasons. IEI took some samples during their investigation of the oil shale in Israel
and found thoose results t
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