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Marijuana stocks
19:24 15.02.2014

From a whle i invest my money on marijuana stocks on amerikanske OTC, OTC PINK index with great succes. Im not verry experienced investor but i see huge potential on new industrial. 2 weeks ago Obama signed document which alow farmers to plant industrial marijuana, this friday banks alow to put money from marijuana into their banks, no more cash business only. soon we will see lots of products from industrial marijuana, drinks,food, plastic stronger then steel, fuel, oil and many things. if you dont believe how huge this market going to be make research. you can find on youtube movie called Global Hemp Revolution - Decriminalize Cannabis Marijuana Industrial Hemp for Victory! you will be shocked when you realize why marijuana was forbidden for so many years and why its huge chance for American economy. Make your own resarch. there is some marijuana stocks, but you can find easly on websites PHOT,FITX,HEMP,CBIS,ERBB,TTDZ. They are still verry cheap and this market growing fast. I using Nordnet and can only buy those stocks by ring them. This is strange there is not so many articles on E24 or Hegnar about marijuana.
If you have some question about this sector, where to find info about those stocks i will help, just ask in public.
Industrial marijuana growing even in Canada, so if they can, Norway can to. Marijuana its not only for smoking. Soon will be lots of medicine, cosmeticks from marijuana and many things. why to not invest money of something what just born-new whole industrial. its so huge and i will be happy if more ppl make more money on that.
srry for chaotic writing
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