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Thin Film 2
05:16 15.10.2013

Nå har Thin mest sannsynlig fått gjennombruddskontrakten, som vil få aksjen til å stige mot nye høyder:

14/10-2013 08:30:00: (THIN.OAX, THINO.ST) Thinfilm Secures Commercial Order for Brand Protection Solution
Oslo, 14 October 2013 - Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") (OSE: THIN.OL)

Thinfilm announced today that an international luxury goods company will begin
using the Thinfilm Brand Protection Solution in Q1 2014 as part of its next
major product release. The customer is a maker of high-end apparel and
accessories. The Thinfilm solution will be used to provide both product
authentication and assist in tracing grey market activity.

Thinfilm will begin delivering Brand Protection labels to the company's
manufacturing site before year-end. The luxury products containing Thinfilm's
solution are expected to be launched in retail by March 2014.

The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition estimates $600Billion is lost
each year due to counterfeiting, and the World Customs Organization estimates
that between five and seven percent of all goods traded on the global market are
counterfeit. Thinfilm provides ultra-high security at a price point that is
compatible with everything from high-end products to fast-moving consumer goods.
17:13 16.10.2013

Thinfilm Builds First Stand-Alone Sensor System in Printed Electronics

Temperature tracking device is the start of a series of low-cost electronic systems that will enable the Internet of Everything

Oslo, 16 October 2013 - Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") (OSE: THIN.OL) announced today that it has successfully demonstrated its first fully functional, stand-alone Smart Sensor Label. The temperature-tracking label, designed for monitoring of perishable goods, demonstrates a complete closed system built from printed and organic electronics.

The temperature monitoring market is predicted to reach over $3.2 billion USD by 2020. Growing at 9% annually, the market is driven by a global need to reduce waste and improve safety of perishable goods. For example, Thinfilm's Smart Label will help pharmaceutical companies keep temperature-sensitive products safe and effective, while preventing the unnecessary destruction of usable products. Retailers using temperature-monitoring labels during shipment of produce and other food products will have immediate insight with regards to both shelf life and food safety.

Davor Sutija, Thinfilm CEO, explains why temperature monitoring is just the beginning. "The integration of memory and logic creates an extensible platform, on which we will be able to create a wide variety of low-cost electronics in a label format. Printing provides scale and cost advantages that cannot be matched by any other electronic technology. With our customers, we are delivering the ubiquitous intelligence necessary to turn the Internet of Things into the Internet of Everything."

The system announced today is the first demonstration of a stand-alone, integrated printed electronic system powered solely by batteries. According to Christer Karlsson, Thinfilm CTO, "A key breakthrough for this demo was the low-voltage complementary logic we announced in June of this year. Polyera and our other materials partners have played an essential role in helping us move products forward."

In the system demonstrated today, organic logic detects that a critical temperature threshold has been exceeded and signals the display driver to turn on a segmented display. Prior important technical milestones include:
Low-voltage display driver based on complementary organic logic (June 2013)
Memory write based on detection of temperature thresholds (December 2012)
Full addressing logic for multi-bit read-write of printed memory (October 2011)

Thinfilm has now demonstrated all components necessary to produce its first system products by end of 2014.

Video links:

Stand-alone Sensor System http://youtu.be/Apv-CCiw-hk

Smart Label Animation http://youtu.be/nCOc8U-fBWY
17:16 16.10.2013

Det gjenstår å se hva dette gjør for kursen. Pris stigningen i det siste har bygget på forventninger.
17:16 16.10.2013

Enig, men det blir noen spennende måneder fremover nå;)

Endret 16.10.2013 17:16 av lunken
21:51 30.10.2013

Nok en grei bekreftelse for de av oss som er inne i Thin...

THIN: PARC, a Xerox Company, increases its shareholding in Thinfilm

PARC, a Xerox company, is increasing its shareholding in Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm" or "the Company").

PARC will receive 437,911 new shares equal to NOK 2,397,560 through a private placement. The subscription price of NOK 5.475 per Thinfilm share equals the average closing share price for the last ten trading days up to and including 16 October 2013.

The Thinfilm Board of Directors has in place an authorization from the general meeting dated 8 May 2013 to issue shares in a number maximized to 10% of the registered number of shares in the Company at the date of the authorization. The share issue to PARC is within this 10% authorization.

Following the above-mentioned transaction, the Company's share capital will be NOK 46,591,413.33 divided into 423,558,303 ordinary shares each having a par value of NOK 0.11.

Following the private placement PARC owns 2.9 million shares in Thinfilm.

30 October 2013
Thin Film Electronics ASA

Spennende fremover;))

11:01 29.08.2014

Pokker til robothandling ARC driver med i THIN!

Jeg shortsolgte THIN i går. Det var en del støtte ved 4,60 og det ser ut som den har etablert seg under der nå. Stopp 4,80.
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